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  1. huntsonora

    WTB: 2003/2004 Tacoma DC

    If anybody has or knows of one please let me know Thanks!
  2. huntsonora

    Diamondback HD tonneau. Anybody have one?

    Looking for feedback on the diamondback HD’s for my F150 Any real world experiences would be appreciated. Pros/Cons
  3. huntsonora

    WTB Skottle. Colorado

    I’m in northern Colorado near Windsor and am looking to buy a skottle.
  4. huntsonora

    Anybody running 235/80/17’s on a full size?

    Picked up a F150 supercrew with the 2.7 ecoboost for work but need to get better tires on it ASAP. it has the 245/70/17’s on the, from the factory and don’t want to get too crazy on size so I maintain my mileage thoughts?
  5. huntsonora

    2002 Hallmark Ute LX--SOLD

    listing my Ute LX for sale. Fits a full size truck with a short bed My cell is 970 227 4222 and I’m located in Windsor Colorado $4200 must pick up
  6. huntsonora

    2017 Dodge Ram 2500 Thuren suspension and flatbed

    One of my best friends is selling his truck. It has full Thuren suspension and rides amazing
  7. huntsonora

    Thoughts on this Ego Nexus 3000 watt generator

    Would like your opinions on this. Found one for sale locally for a good deal
  8. huntsonora

    Old man emu on a superduty

    I’ve seen Chris Cordes is running this suspension on his Excursion but how many guys are running them on their Super Duty’s?
  9. huntsonora

    2005 Ford Excursion 4x4 CO/MT SOLD

    A very good friend of mine is selling his 2005 Ford Excursion. It is a 4x4 and is the Eddie Bauer edition. The Excursion is in excellent condition and has roughly 110,000 miles on it. He is the original owner and I cannot stress enough how meticulous he is with his vehicles. It’s as close to...
  10. huntsonora

    2014 E250 van 85,000 miles Ft Collins CO

    Saw this ad and figured I’d post it
  11. huntsonora

    Looking at a 1999 Hallmark Ute lx

    Appears to be clean. Any issues I need to be looking for? Did they use wood for the frames in 99? Any thoughts are appreciated
  12. huntsonora

    7.3 CCLB just posted on CL in Denver

    Just posted 14 minutes ago. Lots of potential for not a lot of money
  13. huntsonora

    3rd gen 4Runner tire size question

    I recently picked up a one owner 1997 4runner with 175k on it. It has the 3.4, 5 speed and rear e-locker. I’m going with the Old Man Emu suspension and am wondering about which tire size to go with. I’m thinking Cooper ST Maxx in either 235/85/16 or 245/75/16 The weight difference is only...
  14. huntsonora

    Anybody have Rough Country LED lights?

    I see they’re priced a higher than the Amazon Chinese stuff and less than Rigid and other high end bars but was wondering if they’re really any better than the cheap stuff out there? Anybody running these?
  15. huntsonora

    Weird teardrop thing. Opinions wanted

    I just bought this little camper pod thing from a guy locally. He was letting his daughter use it as a play house and wanted to get rid of it. Its pretty damn cool and he built it to go on a 5x10 flatbed trailer. I am leaning towards putting it on a 5x12 flat bed trailer and the additional 2...
  16. huntsonora

    Truck topper question--leer browning edition

    Does anybody have experience with these? Found one locally that I'll have to paint but it seems like it's in decent condition. It has a compartment for a rifle as well as a rechargeable flashlight and 12 volt charging station Are Leer toppers well built? Any idea on what it would cost to...
  17. huntsonora

    Airing down with a 10 ply tire. What PSI?

    I am running Cooper ST Maxx tires on my 06 Tundra with factory wheels and was wondering what you guys aired down to on your trucks with 10 plys? I don't want to lose a bead but I want to make it a little more tolerable. We've had almost 25" of rain on the ranches I hunt over the past 3 months...
  18. huntsonora

    1981 Dodge van 4x4 $500 Wy
  19. huntsonora

    FS: Ford E350 7.3 Powerstroke--Colorado Springs

    Buddy of mine is selling his van....
  20. huntsonora

    FS: 2003 Ford E350 7.3 Powerstroke---Colorado Springs

    Friend of mine is selling his van...