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    Public land usage is way up, and warm weather hasn't even hit. I worry that the traditional dig a hole method is not enough any more for those that are willing to do it -- many don't seem to be. I think we need to move towards what river rafters are required to do and pack it out. I've used a...
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    Recommendation for a <$200 camp BBQ?

    Yes, black enamel box with one long burner.
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    Recommendation for a <$200 camp BBQ?

    Over thirty years ago, I bought a Weber Go Anywhere Grill for a dollar at a garage sale. Cleaned it up and found it needed a new igniter. Weber sent me one at no charge. Used it for years and then it suffered through a roll over in my dad’s truck. A little time at a bench vice and it was back in...
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    Katzkin leather seat re-upholstery?

    We had it put in a Suburban my wife bought a few years ago. It was pretty nice stuff. No complaints for the price.
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    22 BS thread

    CCI MiniMags are my go to for quality .22 hunting ammo.
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    Camper Shell Cost

    Big business out here. If you look real closely at my topper in the right light, you can make out “Happy Cows, Happy Life” from where vinyl lettering covered the paint. It is a classic to be sure.
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    Camper Shell Cost

    A new fiberglass topper from ARE, Snugtop or Leer (the brands I've owned and recommend) will run $2,000+ depending on options. Shopping used is a really good way to go, but toppers have become very specific to truck models and years and then there is color matching. I was able to snag a used ARE...
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    Very small camping toilet?

    This isn't exactly "very small", but it is certainly smaller than a 5 gallon bucket and allows you to safely throw out solid waste. They are stout. Can't really picture using it in a compact car, but it would be possible in an SUV or van. Maybe it will give you some other ideas. Perhaps there is...
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    Do you regret buying a base model truck?

    I'm going to be the cheap guy in the crowd. Many packages to get all the goodies are several thousand dollars more. That is a lot of gas, trip, whatever money. I know it gets to be funny money if you're financing over an extended period of time or simply in relation to the base cost of the...
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    Optics do have some big quality difference as you go up the chain, not just in optical quality, but durability. In your price range, I'd look for closeouts on last year's model from any reputable company: Vortex, Leupold, Nikon, etc. The other thing to decide is what size you're looking for. A...
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    MaxTrax, are they worth it?

    I broke down and bought a set of MT a couple of years ago, and they have bailed me out a couple of times, mainly in snow. They are by far the best investment I've made in recovery equipment this side of a shovel, and even that doesn't get much use now. However, I just throw them in the back of...
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    Walmart - Close Out Ammunition Sale

    I read they are getting rid of handgun and "assault" rifle ammo (e.g. 5.56.) Curious as to whether .223 will be considered hunting rounds.
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    Double barrel shotgun

    Not knowing what is or how many are outside the camper, I prefer more than two shots on tap. ;) Some other "budget" over unders that can be bought new to consider are the Franchi Instinct and Winchester Belgium made 101. Neither of these are cheap in actual dollars, but relative to other over...
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    Double barrel shotgun

    There really isn't an 870 double barrel, although to be fair, 870s aren't what they used to be. The most value you will probably find will be a used Ithaca/SKB in sxs as long as you are willing to forgo interchangeable chokes and possibly be restricted to 2 3/4" shells. A Weatherby/SKB over...
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    Action Packer Alternative

    Such harshness for plastic containers. My Action Packers are almost all over twenty years old and range from the smallest size I’ve seen to a large hinged box that has functioned as a tool box in several trucks as well as an outdoor storage box. They are all going strong with no signs of wear...
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    Action Packer Alternative

    I have both Action Packers and now Planos. The Action Packers are stouter, but the Planos definitely pack better and have been plenty strong enough for my needs.
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    R Pod

    Had an R-Pod with no major issues, but quality is as described above. Large tanks for a camper that size. The biggest problem with the R-Pod in my opinion is the inefficient use of space due to the teardrop construction. Looks cool, but really impedes on livability for a camper that you're...
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    Northstar 850sc question

    driller is correct. I had an 850SC on my 3/4 ton Chevy 6.5 foot bed. It had the storage bins on it, so it looks made to fit for the short bed.
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    My new camper and truck ready for gnarly dirt roads

    That's a survivor right there.
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    My new camper and truck ready for gnarly dirt roads

    Our local Wal-Mart seems to attract a lot of overloaded pickups using ratchet straps to hold on their campers. These are frequently old, rough rigs that appear to be the primary residence. Would hate to be behind them when they switch locations. From what I've seen GVWR is an optional...