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    Anyone selling their G550?

    I'm looking for a lead on a G550 that's unmolested and in original condition. Something between 2009 and 2012.
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    2013 Land Rover LR4 HSE (1 owner, HD package, fully loaded)

    Hi, I'm selling my 2013 Land Rover LR4. I'm the original owner and have kept it in excellent mechanical condition. I've had zero issues with it and numerous preventive maintenance items done. I still have the original window sticker. Here's the rundown. 2013 MY Mileage 90,000 HSE trim with 7...
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    Alu-cab awning concern, looking for some insight based on my purchase

    Hi, I just received my Alu-cab awning from OK4WD. It's odd that there is no instruction set that comes with the awning and you have to drill holes through the awning cover to get it to mount. I emailed OK4WD but they haven't responded yet over the weekend. Anyway, in every video I've seen as...
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    2017 Ford F150 (not too crazy and not too sparse = just right)

    I've seen F150 "built" in two fashions on this site. Either a full blown better then a Raptor with upper and lower control arms which requires new body panels or basic shock upgrades and a few other accessories. Allow me to present option 3. A built up 2017 F150 that addresses several issues...
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    My 2017 Ford F150

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    2016 Jeep Rubicon Unlimited Overland Equiped

    2016 Jeep Rubicon Unlimited Miles - 10,450 and climbing Price - $50K Issues - None Located in Morgan Hil, CA. Description - Full loaded 4 door Rubicon, with hard top w/insulation panels, leather seats, heated seats, climate control, auto tranny, 4:1 transfer case, but 4.88 gears, Hill...
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    2013 Land Rover LR4 HSE w/HD package

    2013 Land Rover LR4 HSE Land Rover enthusiast owned (original owner). Truck lives in sunny California (San Jose). I still have the original sticker. All maintenance up to date. The truck has been perfectly reliable. Synthetic oil changes only, every 5K miles. This is the last year of the V8...
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    Anyone else have problems with FrontRunner products for their Jeep JKU?

    Anyone else have or had issues with Front Runner products? I purchased the roof rack, sliding tray and shelf. Spent about $2,500 and all the large ticket items had an issue. Waiting to hear from them what they will do to correct the problems but they're not very responsive. I get an email or two...
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    Ran into problem installing Frontrunner roof rack on JKU - Anyone else??

    Anyone else ran into installation problems with Frontrunners roof rack for the JKU? Drilling holes using the bracket as the template lead to the holes not aligning to the rack rails. It seems I'm totally screwed. I'm going to call Frontrunner Outfitters tomorrow, but I'm guessing its my problem...
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    National Luna Weekender 52 for Sale

    1.5 year old. In excellent condition. Comes with 110v cord and hella cord. Sitting in garage.... Not sure what fridges go for on the "used" market, so let's say $850? Local pickup only...I'm in Morgan Hill California. Thank you!
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    1995 Toyota Land Cruiser (California car - no rust) only 151K miles

    1995 Toyota Land Cruiser Green exterior Light Brown interior Auto tranny Center diff lock and switch power windows (all work) power locks (all work) Power sunroof (works perfectly) ONLY 151K miles Recent upgrades and maintenance items done include Coolant system redone New brakes New tires...
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    BFG T/A KO2 in 275/55/20 on LR4

    I swear I saw a thread referring to this size and tire and now I can't find it. Did a few different searches and still can't find it. Perhaps calling it out in a separate thread we can figure this out. I have an LR4 and plan to buy some RRS 20" rims on the cheap just to run these tires. I will...
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    FS: 2005 Mercedes Benz G500 - with complete documented service history

    2005 Mercedes Benz G500 Mileage ~ 80,000 Exterior color - Emerald Green Interior color - black Condition - excellent (leather still soft) If you're familiar with the G500 (G-wagen) then all you need to know about my truck is that it's a 2 owner vehicle. Both, who are G-wagen enthusiasts. I know...
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    2005 Mercedes Benz G500 - this is the one

    2 owner vehicle with entire documented service history. All service up to date, plus lots of preventive maintenance. Includes some aftermarket accessories... 1. rock sliders 2. oversized Cooper AT3's (LT rated) 1 inch lift 3. 30mm spring spacers (1 inch lift) 4. aftermarket stereo system with...
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    G500 in Canyonlands National Park, Utah - Nothing but pics...

    Don't you just hate threads with "words"...behold....nothing but pics...
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    A diverse group of trucks explore Utah (Canyonlands National Park specifically)

    I really like when we have a diverse group of trucks taking on the same trails. It's great to compare and contrast and give each other **** about their truck, choices or driver skill. I know some guys are polite and supportive and don't get me wrong if something bad happens we work together to...
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    LR3 suspension failure - not a bladder leak

    Hi Gents, A group of us were exploring southern Utah last week (G-Wagen, RRSC, LR3 and Xterra). On our final day the LR3 suffered a failure on the passengers front suspension. The rod that connects the sway bar to the A-arm (I believe) folded like a taco shell and the A-arm started rubbing...
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    A few weeks off and a new truck =

    Over the last 10 years I've slowly developed a taste for camping, offroading and exploration. See, I'm originally from New York City and camping meant you slept in a crappy tent in a glorified parking lot. But when I moved to California and purchased my first SUV, I ended up going to Death...