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  1. JCMatthews

    Need Help With SPC UCA

    I know that others have used SPC uppers and listed their alignment numbers. I am getting my truck aligned and would like to know where to set my ball joint and what numbers to expect on my 2005 Tundra.
  2. JCMatthews

    Need winch advice

    I just received my beautiful brute force fab winch bumper. I don't have a lot of money left, but would like to buy a winch. I am looking for advice / experience with less expensive winch options that are available these days. Which is better? Which is know to have failure and not be reliable?
  3. JCMatthews

    A couple videos from our Easter Jeep Safari Trip

    Here are a couple good videos of our trip to EJS. One is of Shafer trail, and the other is Metal Masher. Enjoy, and share with your friends so that my nephew gets more views.
  4. JCMatthews

    Help finding parts

    I am in desperate need of a carrier and spider gears for a 7.5 reverse rotation axle. I have everything else I need to fix my EJS damage.
  5. JCMatthews

    Day trip in the Snow

    We spent a Saturday on the south side of the Uinta Mountains north of Roosevelt, Utah. You can see in the video that the snow was not packing and that I needed chains. My brothers Rubicon was very good with all of its traction devices. We made it to the 10,500 ft mark and then turned around...
  6. JCMatthews

    WTB OEM JBL Head Unit

    I have an '05 Tundra, and the head unit is acting up. I know I could buy something aftermarket, but I really prefer the OEM look. If anyone out there has this head unit, I'd be very interested.
  7. JCMatthews


    I am having a very weird issue with my ABS and was wondering if anyone out there has had this issue. last month we went to Alaska. Just before we left to come home the front end of my '05 Tundra started making noise. I got it into a place in Fairbanks called Alyeska Tire. It was easy to...
  8. JCMatthews

    Long time coming M416 build

    This story and build had taken place over the last 8 years. I have never felt like it was complete enough until this spring to share my progress. I had been looking for an off-road trailer for several years. In the February of 2007, I purchased a Coleman Versa Trailer to try to make into what...
  9. JCMatthews

    A Swell outing in the San Rafael

    I have needed an outing for some time and on the morning of Friday, January 9th I told my 8 year old son Isaac that I would take him to sleep out in the truck if he had a good day at school. I should tell you that he is a character, he loves to talk and does not love to always do the work his...
  10. JCMatthews

    Tundra sway bars links ugh!!!!!

    I drive an '05 DC Tundra. I have lifted the front 2" using Bilstein 5100 adjustable shocks, and the rear is lifted 1.5" via add-a-leaf springs. It mostly is driven on pavement with a rare off road excursion which is mostly smooth gas well or FS roads. Last July I posted about sway bar links...
  11. JCMatthews

    Sway bar question

    I have done some searching, but I need to work on my Google ****. I got under my truck tonight to investigate a clunk and found my right sway bar link had broken. I have lifted the front of my truck 2" and want to buy and extended link. Does anyone know where I can find one for an '05 Tundra?
  12. JCMatthews

    Three Days in Red Rock Country

    My family spent Easter in Moab and the surrounding area. I have been going to EJS for 16 consecutive years. Even though I no longer own a Jeep it is not stopping me from enjoying red rock country. We spent our first afternoon enjoying parts of Islands in the Sky District of Canyonlands...
  13. JCMatthews

    Weekend Get Away; Just Me, the Kids, and the San Rafael Swell.

    I was sitting at my desk Friday afternoon in desperate need of a recharge. I called my wife and told her that I was going to the Swell by myself if I had too. By the time I reached home, all of the kids had heard the plan and were excited to go. My wife however had mixed feelings, and with my...
  14. JCMatthews


    I am working on a project, and have a tight budget. I can't afford to buy a colored bed liner product. I am wanting to use duplicolor bed liner and was wondering if anyone has painted over it with any success. I don't want to paint it and then have the paint come off.
  15. JCMatthews

    Volvo question

    My wife and I are thinking about buying a Volvo XC70. However, we have three kids. They fit just fine in our Tundra DC, but the crossovers we have seen are horrible in the middle of the back seat. It is as though the auto manufacturers did not plan to ever seat three in the back. So my...
  16. JCMatthews

    Getting caught up..."Utah's Manti La Sal Mountains"

    On the 24th of July, we headed to the hills for a few days. We traveled south to Ferron, Ut and headed up Ferron Canyon to Duck Fork Reservoir for the night. From Duck fork we headed west and up to the Skyline Drive. Then we went down into Manti Canyon where we stayed night two. On day three...
  17. JCMatthews

    Getting caught up..."White Rim Trail"

    I need to get caught up on some of my trip reports. In May just after Memorial Day, I had reservations on the White Rim Trail in the Islands in the Sky district of Canyonlands National Park. I had plans to take two other families with us, but one family was unable to come, so it was just the...
  18. JCMatthews

    Flip Pac for sale in Utah

    Not mine no affiliation here is the link.
  19. JCMatthews

    6.2 diesel Blazer for sale

    SOLD I have an '86 6.2 diesel Blazer for sale. It belonged to a good friend of mine, and I acquired it this last fall because I was in need of something to get me to work. He was quite meticulous in his care for it while he drove it. It did sit for about six years. It runs strong and is...
  20. JCMatthews

    Day Trip in Nine Mile Canyon

    My wife was out of town so I took the kidos she left with me and we visited some of the ancient sites. We had a great time and are looking forward to returning soon. The highest point on the now paved road showed 7465 on my GPS. The pictures are not bad but not the greatest, because I was...