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  1. JB30

    Jeep got broken into last night - service manual (+reg and insurance) stolen

    Anyone know if I’m at risk of thieves making a key with all the info they stole? I’m sure it’ll be censored, but ******** the people doing this crap during all of this. Hope karma comes back and kicks them in the ass.
  2. JB30

    Victron 75/10 not receiving power from battery

    Have wired battery to sc, then sc to solar. Get a solid blue LED for power from the panels. Nothing else. Metering the the connections controller side, I get ~14v coming from battery. ~16 volts from panel. Any ideas?
  3. JB30

    GZ 100W > Victron 75/10 > Battery: Final wiring questions

    Trying to wrap up all these loose ends (pun intended I guess) on solar install. Have a Goal Zero 100W panel and Victron 75/10 Smart Controller in my possession, and a handful of things in my amazon cart. Goal Zero 8mm Female to SAE Connector...
  4. JB30

    Goal Zero Boulder 100 to trickle charge single battery...

    As the title says... Running a Dometic CFX35 in the Jeep off a single battery. Does fine when I’m on the move daily. But if it’s parked for a while it starts to drain. In an ideal scenario, I’d be considering hard mounted renology panels on the roof - in a addition to a dual battery setup -...
  5. JB30

    Body mounted step?

    A body mounted ladder for my Ursa Minor has been on the “list” for ages, but have never gotten around to getting one fabricated. Although now I’ve added a shovel / axe mount where the ladder would attach up top. So I’m starting to lean towards a single step to help boost me up. The AEV corner...
  6. JB30

    Anyone painted their AluBox / Zarges?

    After much hand wringing I've decided to finally ditch the plastic bins and spend way too much money on some aluminum cubes. Still deciding between AluBox and Zarges, but the only thing that's bugging me (cost aside) is the "steal me" vibe that shiny aluminum exudes. In a blacked out Jeep...
  7. JB30

    Dense foam for rattle free organization?

    In the process of building a custom box to hold all my plates, bowls, cutlery, etc. The plan is to fill it with 3” foam of some kind and cut custom slots for everything. Hoping for something denser than the type of foam used in pelican cases. Needs to be fairly dense / rigid to keep shape for...
  8. JB30

    Awning gap solution?

    Have had the Compact Batwing on my Jeep for a couple months now. Perfect solution / size / weight for my purposes. Only real gripe is the way it's mounted (to an Ursa Minor camper via stainless steel brackets) there's naturally a gap between the body and the awning. So when it rains, there's...
  9. JB30

    An Expedition Jeep named Moose

    It’s been four months since she joined the family. About time I got around to sending out the birth announcement. Born 4,521 lbs. [Although far more portly now.] 2016 JKU Hard Rock Automatic Growing up: Ursa Minor top AEV 2.5” lift with geo brackets AEV Saltas in matte black BFG KO2’s in...