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  1. Bella PSD

    Norcold 12 volt refrigerator DROP down door style

    Norcold 12 volt refrigerator. It's like new minus a few dings on the front panel (can be replaced with new sheet of steel). Works perfect no problems. Fridge door drops DOWN not a swing out. Door makes for a nice table when camping or whatever you are doing. Would be great to mount on the side...
  2. Bella PSD

    M101a2 Trailer

    M101a2 Trailer with bows and cover. $885 SW Ohio Trailer Cover
  3. Bella PSD

    TWO M-416 Trailers $250 each

    Lowered the price but you have to buy both this time. Lowered the price again. Great deal at this price???? $425 for both Two M416 military trailers in OK shape. Lots of surface rust and many layers of paint. One has NO rust holes at all and the other only as one small spot about the size...
  4. Bella PSD

    Question about BFG BAJA T/A

    Anyone run the BFG Baja like the one in the picture? I am looking at a set of 37x12.5x16.5 from a HMMWV. I am hoping the wear OK like the older Goodyear MT military 16.5. Thanks Louie
  5. Bella PSD

    HMMWV double beadlocks wheels on a Ford Superduty

    I am looking into running DOT approved hmmwv double beadlock military wheels.( They are steel 16.5”X8.25” wide rims and are beadlocked with 12 bolts. From what I have read you can run them down to 10psi and a max of 50 psi. Weight capacity is 3,850 LBS per wheel...
  6. Bella PSD

    2011 Ford Diesel real world 28 MPG

    2011 Ford Diesel 28 MPG real world # I drive a Ford 7.3L diesel and have always keep up on every drop of diesel/Biodiesel that has ever went into my truck. I hand calculated every tank to check my Fuel Economy. That's is why the topic of the 2011 MPG is so interesting to me. I have posted on...
  7. Bella PSD

    Death of the 6 speed!

    With the death of the 6 speed/diesel in 2011 Ford model year, (and that would be now!) how many are looking at Dodge instead of GM or Ford with the automatic only. I may be in the minority here but this is a deal-breaker for me. It was a deal-breaker back in 2000 when I could not get a...
  8. Bella PSD

    A.R.E. Aluminum DCU “camper lite” build

    A.R.E. Aluminum DCU “camper lite” build I have kicked the fiberglass cap trend I have had going for 15 plus years. This aluminum cap will become my everyday cap: sort of the Swiss army knife of truck caps for my F350. This A.R.E is not meant to replace my Flip Pac camper for...
  9. Bella PSD

    Old FJ40 Flip Pac style

    From a thread just started on Expo. Very, very cool!! Just in case you did not see it yet...... Louie
  10. Bella PSD

    A.R.E. DCU aluminum cap with barn doors "NEW"

    "New" A.R.E. DCU cap. It has the barn doors with windows, thicker outer skin .040, double side doors on both sides, tool boxes on each side and inside lighting. The tool boxes are divided into four sections. 5 Heavy duty SS T handles and locks with security screening over windows. Also has a...
  11. Bella PSD

    Full size truck pulling M416

    Anyone have any pictures of a full size pulling an M 416? Thinking about keeping one of the M416's I have and use it with my truck. Just not sure if it will work or better yet, look right. My truck is a Superduty with 35's and 4" lift. I would guess I would add 35" tires to the M 416 to...
  12. Bella PSD

    Flip Pac $600 For SuperDuty

    I hate to see this slip by and nobody get it from Expo. It's in the For Sale section since Sept. Down to $600!:Wow1: The deal of the year, for sure! Flip Pac Ford SuperDuty Long Bed for sale Just passing this on in case someone did not see it. At the reduced price it's going to go. Good...
  13. Bella PSD

    Toyota Tacoma A.R.E. Utility Cap $400 in OH

    Just passing along. Kinda hard to find for a Tacoma! Looks to be a good deal on an ARE Commercial topper. Although the ad does not say ARE, I am 99% sure it is. Link below. It has the barn doors with windows on the back. Has the side win doors that open to the cap, not side boxes. I just...
  14. Bella PSD

    What did you pay for sandblasting your trailer?

    how much did you pay for sandblasting your trailer? I have a few quotes of $100, $125, $175 and one had no idea till he saw the trailer. This was quoted for a M416 and maybe a discount if I did both M416’s that I have. The one for $125 said he may “bake” the paint of first, then blast. Did...
  15. Bella PSD

    Someone save this Flip Pac in Chula Vista CA There is a good Flip-Pac camper in Ecology Auto Wrecking on Energy Way in Chula Vista. It's been there a few weeks and soon will go to the crusher. It is on a 4-door Dodge Dakota and I don't know if it fits other trucks as these have a...
  16. Bella PSD

    M416 $375, M416 $275, Roof Top Tent $400 and more...

    All items to be shipped except the Roof Top tent. I will be traveling to the Core Banks NC from Ohio on July 16th. I can deliver, on my way, the RTT, CB and/or the M 116 trailer/Toyota box bed for a fee. For sale Roof Top Tent $400 NEW NEVER USED (SOLD) For Sale US ARMY Pioneer Tool...
  17. Bella PSD

    1998 Jeep Wrangler TJ ONE owner 53K

    1998 Jeep Wrangler TJ ONE owner 53K (SOLD in 3 days to the 1st one out) 1998 Jeep Wrangler SE, 2.5 liters in-line engine, 4.11 axle ratio, 5 speed, Air, cruise, ONE OWNER, only 53,000 miles. Good tire and brakes. Always garaged and looks almost new! Red with black top. $7,000 Picture will not...
  18. Bella PSD

    Another Turbo Diesel Scout

    Found another 1980 turbo diesel Scout going up for auction this Saturday in the local Cincinnati area. I have been looking for one off and on for a while. Missed out on a few good ones lately, but this one looks real nice! Auction ad reads.....2001 Dodge Ram 3500 4x4 quad cab SLT dually...
  19. Bella PSD

    Waeco fridge cdf-40 $225 Sacramento

    Not mine. on cragslist, Phone # below. I would get this one but I have come to the realization that the type of fridge that opens up from the top will not work in my camper build. I am looking for a conventional opening 12V fridge and come across the type below alot...
  20. Bella PSD

    Used 12V RV fridge test

    I just picked up a koolatron used RV Fridge for $10. It looks just like a RV built in fridge. I would guess this came out of a pop up camper?? About 55 quarts big. Thermoelectric, of course. That’s the best way I can describe it. Looking for the model #?? Nothing on line about this fridge...