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  1. Bella PSD

    flip-back build

    Still looking to make a new FlipPac tent. I have one that could be used as a templet. I'm close by too.
  2. Bella PSD

    7.3 intermittent knocking and fuel pressure.

    I have run a fuel pressure gauge for years now just to keep an eye on it.
  3. Bella PSD

    HMMWV double beadlocks wheels on a Ford Superduty

    I was interested in 37x12.50R16.5 Treadwright until I read the fine print. "Size 37x12.50R16.5 tires are sold for off-road use ONLY and are not covered by this limited warranty" But on the sale page for the 16.5 37 tire it says under highlights "The Wright Warranty: 2 Year Workmanship Warranty...
  4. Bella PSD

    HMMWV double beadlocks wheels on a Ford Superduty

    Still waiting........ Still waiting........
  5. Bella PSD

    Lets see some full size pictures...

    I just looked and my post in this thread and it was in 2008 on page 4 of 472 pages. Thought I would update as the truck changed a little. The truck might change again soon to a aluminum flat bed with drop down sides. A platform for a custom flatbed camper. I already have the flatbed ready to...
  6. Bella PSD

    HMMWV double beadlocks wheels on a Ford Superduty

    All my Trail Worthy beadlocks are all back to Andy at Trail Worthy. Hopping for a good outcome! Picture in transit… AND hoping to get back to this...
  7. Bella PSD

    inexpensive 12v tire inflator

    I had the harbor freight one for a month. It burned up (melted). I have had the MV-50 (same Amazon link post #2) for 6 or so years now. It airs up 37" tires from 30 to 45PSI ok. Maybe 5-6 min per 37" tire, not the fastest but its been reliable over the years.
  8. Bella PSD

    2002 F 350 4wd 7.3 6 Speed CCSB-190k-9k in N.C.

    I have a CC short bed F350 7.3L 6 speed too. About as good as a truck can get, rare too. There is no way I am selling mine!! Should be an easy sale for you. Good luck. And I would like to here more about the 60k 7.3 6 speed you just bought:)
  9. Bella PSD

    HMMWV double beadlocks wheels on a Ford Superduty

    I have been going back and forth with Andy through voice mail the last week or so. I now have the Trail Worthy beadlocks off the truck. I am temporarily running a set of old 35 mudders on 16X10 aluminum rims. The Trail Worthy beadlocks are in the process of being dismounted from the BFG tires...
  10. Bella PSD

    Need ideas for my new f350 build.

    Love the rear wheel flare!!
  11. Bella PSD

    Advice on 7.3 Purchase

    The 6 speed had more HP than the Automatic. IE the 2002-3 7.3 with the 6 speed was 275hp stock, so that almost 100 HP over your 89 IDI. low milage 6 speeds 7.3's are getting hard to find. For that price, if you don't get it, it will be gone soon to someone else. And by the way, I have a...
  12. Bella PSD

    Size matter? Western Washington Worry

    I had a 2001 GMC Safari van and it was one of the best trucks I have ever had. Never had any trouble out of it! Was used as a family van but because of the AWD and the BFG A/T tires I put on it, the van was just about unstoppable in the snow. Mine was even the same color combo as yours...
  13. Bella PSD

    Show me really cool flatbed ideas for my StuperDuty

    I am in the planning stages for a Aluminum flatbed. I just purchased a bed just like the Home Depot rental pickups. Kinda like a UTE flatbed. Mocked up with bed in black, truck green. The bed has a drop down tailgate and sides. I have already modify the front rack to be removable and soon...
  14. Bella PSD

    HMMWV double beadlocks wheels on a Ford Superduty

    I don't think Centermatic balancers are going to fix this. All 4 on the truck are like this. All NINE that I have are like this. The one in the video is one of the better ones.
  15. Bella PSD

    flip-back build

    I’m only about 70 or so miles away from you (Bellbrook, Ohio close to Xenia). I also have a Flip Pac build of sorts. I’ll be watching this closely as my tent had a battle with field mice and lost. Been looking for options for a new tent ideas as Flip Pac is out of business! Louie
  16. Bella PSD

    FlipPac 1977 Barr Industries Rebuild Project

    That’s amazing!! Only the third early Flip Pac that I know of that was built in with a rear door, yours the one from the Craigslist ad and a blue one that someone spotted once parked out in front of a store. After I did my camper build on a standard Flip Pac, the one you had in the craigslist...
  17. Bella PSD

    Ford OBS 7.3 manual trans or 1998-2003 manual trans 4x4 for overlanding? F250 or F350

    I read through all this and want to clear up one thing. The Super Duty from 99-03 are all the same from the F250-F350. Same brakes, same springs, axle, same everything. Coming off the assemble line Ford's Super Duty truck plant in Louisville and Mex simplified the process making the F250's...
  18. Bella PSD

    HMMWV double beadlocks wheels on a Ford Superduty

    Now there is some good news in all of this. REMOVING that last rim that was off and wobbling the tire and flat spotting it made a big difference. The 40-50 hop is gone for the most part and pretty smooth up to 65-69mph. Around 72 and up it picks up a vibration thats not so good. Where I...
  19. Bella PSD

    HMMWV double beadlocks wheels on a Ford Superduty

    Another quick update on the balancing issues. I have now replaced all 4 beadlock rims with new beadlock rims. The other update is I found that one of the rims that was welded up wrong flat spotted the best BFG I had. This rim was the first one TWF said was good and a replacement. So a...