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    Jku Engine Swap options

    Has anyone tried the 505 Performance 3.8/4.1 stroker? Seems like it would be easier and cheaper than an engine swap. they claim 280hp and 340ft/lb torque for the stage 1 kit. I don’t know anyone that has used them so I can’t recommend.
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    Need new shocks - AEV 2.5" DS lift - your thoughts?

    I am also looking at replacing the shocks on my AEV 2.5” lift. I have been happy with the Bilsteins. Aren’t they specially tuned to AEV specs? I didn’t think they were the same as off the shelf 5100’s.
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    What did you do to your Expo Jeep today?

    Installed a transmission cooler on my 2010 JKU. It was the mopar unit and it was a pain getting to the fittings for the lines. Worth the effort though as my temps have dropped from 200+ in normal driving to about 170.
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    Dual battery problem

    Ok, even better. I can save money by continue using the Optima and only get a replacement battery. Right now I have only the factory wiring running to the main battery. All of the dual battery wiring is disconnected and my Spod and my winch. I have to travel this week for work so next weekend...
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    Dual battery problem

    The primary battery was just for regular functions with no big loads. I have my winch (rarely used), and my auxiliary lights run through an Spod, all go through the secondary battery. My alternator is the stock unit and while it is 7 years old my volt meter in my Aero Force gauge has been...
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    Dual battery problem

    I have a 2010 Jeep JK Unlimited. I installed a dual battery system about 4 years ago. Electrically it contained a Cole Hersee smart battery isolator. I installed 2 Optima Yellow top batteries. After about 2 years the main battery failed and I replaced it. Otherwise no issues. I have been...
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    AEV Rear bumper water tanks

    I have the same problem with mine and AEV installed it. Bolt just spins. The tanks are a good idea but poorly designed. You can't get all of the water out of the passenger side tank based on what I read. I didn't even have AEV install the cross tube joining the tanks. I didn't like that design...
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    Looking for feedback on CVT Black Butte (Ground Tent)

    Any new feedback on the durability of the Black Butte? I'm close to making the purchase but would like to see some more feedback on the strength of the the clips and upper joint mentioned above.
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    Jeep Wrangler Rear Cargo MOLLE panels For Sale

    I will take them. Do you take paypal?
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    Newfoundland Mountains Hi Def Video 2/13

    What camera were you using for the shots from the front of the vehicle?
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    Rotopax Mounting

    I just purchased the straps last week and have not used them on a trip yet. But the ratchet seems to hold the mounts in place very well. When you buy the strap and mounts you also have to purchase the roto pax mounts. It is a little pricey but it is the best solution for my stock bumper and tire...
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    Rotopax Mounting

    I purchased the roto pax tire strap and ran into the same problem you did with the pax obstructing the tailgate handle. I am going to shift the mounts up on the tire. Hopefully this works.