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    Simple, portable solar setup?

    Hello, I've been playing with the following idea for a while but I'm completely ignorant on solar panels and related equipment. Is there a solar panel I can simply connect to my battery directly via clamps when not using the vehicle? Say I arrive at camp and park the vehicle, deploy the solar...
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    Toyota 90 Series LC Prado

    Hello, I'd like to introduce a new-to-me vehicle: a 90 series Land Cruiser. This might not be a common sight for you guys in the states, but they're pretty popular down here. This is actually my third 90 series, its replacing one really similar to it and its the most comprehensively modded one...
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    IPF 900 XS LED, any experience?

    I posted this on Ih8mud but haven't got much info. I came across an ad for a set of IPF 900 xs LED lamps. I didn't know IPF made these, I only knew about the halogen and HID models. Now I never liked the IPF halogens, I think their output is weak. The HID's are impressive, and the casing (used...
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    Where did you mount your 2M Antenna?

    Hey guys, I've been revisiting my HAM installation. So far it has worked flawlessly, I have no complaints with the equipment but, even though I would be at risk messing with something that works, I have been looking at doing a cleaner install. At the moment my radio is mounted in the shifter...
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    Rigid LED light causing radio interference??

    Hey guys, I recently installed my HAM radio setup and noticed that when I turn on either of the Rigid LED lights (forward facing dually's or a rear faced dually) I get interference on the radio, I have to turn up the SQL to avoid listening to the noise.. I had a friend complain about a year...
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    Pic request: Old school stripes

    Hey guys, Im looking for pictures of old school stripes and designes on old hiluxes, land cruisers and other old school Toyotas. Im looking to do some to set my truck apart from the rest. Any pics are appreciated! Cheers, Luis