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    Blue Sea 7622 - Winch Battery?

    Hey, I'm midway through installing a Blue Sea 7622 in my 80-Series. 2/0 cable throughout, both batteries located in the engine bay. Will it make any kind of material difference if I connect my winch to one battery or the other? My initial thought is that it would be best connected to the...
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    80-Series (HDJ81) Dual Battery System

    I'm nearing the end of this installation, so I thought I'd throw together a quick write-up for anyone interested. This whole project came about because the original 4.5kw, 24V starter in my truck shorted out earlier this year, killing both batteries and leaving me stranded. I wasn't going to...
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    2-Way 12v Remote

    Hi, I'm looking for a relatively inexpensive way to activate my Webasto from inside my house or office. I've seen 12v remote kits on Amazon that are reasonable priced, but I haven't been able to locate anything that will actually tell me that the relay on the vehicle has been activated. I've...
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    Converting 2.5NA Diesel 110 to 200tdi?

    I've recently been researching the purchase of an Ex-MOD 110. However, I'm not sure that the naturally aspirated diesel would be adequate for my needs and there appear to be a number of these trucks that have been converted to the 200tdi units. How difficult of a swap is this to complete? I'm...
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    Rare Range Rover?

    About a year ago, my Dad picked up a 1994 SWB Range Rover, sold from the factory with a 5.0 TVR V8. Based on my research it was converted by a company called "Lichfield" before being shipped to the dealer in Canada to be sold. It has some other things like a quick ratio steering box and a momo...