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  1. Jc1986.carter

    All dogs off-road co-op

    Has anybody heard anything about this company? They seem to have started making leaf packs for the frontier. In addition to the leaf packs, it also comes with an add a leaf in order to increase load capacity similar to ome hd, the pack is military wrapped on one end and are made in the states...
  2. Jc1986.carter

    Any ranger builds?

    Have any of the new ranger owners started adding any items yet? Is there any market yet? I know arb had products for the row ranger but, I haven’t seen much in the us yet.
  3. Jc1986.carter

    Titan swap vs ome vs Nisstec extended travel kit

    I’m looking for opinions on the three variants of lifting above. I have read a lot of forums and other resources on the subject but, I would like some real world takes on the three. Is the titan swap with a m205 swap worth the hassle if it’s for dd and camping? I’m more interested in the m205...
  4. Jc1986.carter

    Nissan builds a frontier

    Well, it looks like Nissan is finally realizing people in North America like using their vehicles to get outdoors. They built a frontier for overlanding...
  5. Jc1986.carter

    Aftermarket skid plates or stock?

    Quick question for everyone. Did you get a full kit of aftermarket skid plates for your second gen frontier or xterra or did you keep the stock ones in place? I just ordered a set of hefty fab sliders but, after doing more reading on the subject and crawling under my truck it looks like there...
  6. Jc1986.carter

    Longevity and mileage

    Good day everyone, Just wanted to see what some of the d40 owners out there are getting out of their vehicles and motors in regards to longevity. I am currently at 29k on my 17’ and I bought the truck a year ago. Unfortunately it’s all highway miles for me though.
  7. Jc1986.carter

    Camper shell and OME

    Ok so I’m trying to figure out the rear leaf pack situation. I am purchasing a ARE shell (~200lbs) and trying to figure out if that’s enough weight to justify the Dakar hd. OME and others recommend at least 500lbs with the HDs. Can anyone chime in with how/ what setup you went with?
  8. Jc1986.carter

    Dobinson suspension

    Good day everyone. Long time reader, first time poster I have been in the search for a new suspension setup for a 2017 Frontier 4.0L (basic camping gear in the bed ~150-200lbs and two humans and dog in the cab). I know the go to basic is an old man emu or a radflo coilover kit, but after a bit...