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    High top topper storage

    Made version 2.0 for the new topper. Out of sight in the rear view. Can still fit 29" bikes upright on platform with front wheels removed. Great place for sleeping pads and bags so the drawer space doesn't get hogged up by them. When the pads and bags are down, makes a great shelf for drinks...
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    2006 SR5 Maroon Tundra DC in MT 13k obo

    172xxx miles. I am the second owner (bought at 50k), it's been in same location it's whole life. All regular/scheduled maintenance done. Bilstein 5100's all around, air bags in back with Daystar craddles, on board compressor, spray in bed liner. Older Glasstite tall topper a bit cosmetically...
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    Partner stove mod.. piezo ignition

    Got it in my head this just had to be done...
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    Partner steel 4 burner $40 Dubuque Craigslist No Affiliation. Hot deal.
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    Older Hawk on a 2006 Tundra DC?

    I have my eyes on an older pre 90's Hawk for a great price. 4wheel has told me only models from 2001 and on will fit. Anyone know a workaround like spacers, slight mods etc, or do the older hawks really not fit no way no how? Thanks, ST
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    Canon S90 sensor clean diy how to

    We just got back from the desert, and I had the pleasant surprise of a large black dot on all of our pictures. Cleaning the external surfaces did nothing, and after some quick research I figured we had dust on the sensor. Of course we are well out of warranty, and a cleaning from Canon is $160...
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    2006 Tundra DC sleeping platform and storage

    I built this last year after much inspiration from this site. The platform has two full length drawers sliding on Delrin strips. There are two top hatches for each drawer for access when the back is shut. I found the sleeping pads/chairs took up too much drawer space so I made the overhead...
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    Need info on old 'Hi lo" hard sided pop up with slide out

    Hello all. I have my eyes on an old hard side pop up with a cab over slide out. This is an aluminum slide in camper. I know I've seen info on this site before, but after an exhaustive search, I can't find anything. I think the company name is Hi-Lo or a variation of that.. any info, links...
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    Tips for changing rear first gen Tundra shocks - hard earned

    After bailing on a front 5100 install job, and having the shop do it, I had what was left of my man mojo destroyed by an absolutely epic rear shock change out. I was expecting two bolts and two nuts perpendicular to the shock shaft. Instead, I found the upper mount is vertical in orientation...
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    Frustration changing struts 1st gen Tundra

    I know I know. 'Undo 3 tops nuts, take out bottom nut/bolt, remove strut'. NOT! So what's the secret? Trying to put on some 5100's and having zero luck. I bailed on the project when I noticed the bottom bolt comes out part way and then hits the trans axle! Would make a lot of sense to have the...
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    Bilstein 5100 adjustable question first gen Tundra

    I've read and been told on this forum that the 5100 adjustable for the front is a good way to improve the stock Tundra ride and get rid on the factory 'rake' when the struts are set to 2". I was under the impression this was 'plug and play' with stock suspension, but the Bilstein site says...
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    Kelty Carport good or bad?

    I've read what there is on this site. Seems folks like them, but they are prone to rips at the corners due to to too much tension. I wonder if this was remedied in later iterations. Any additional thoughts? There should be some out there that have some good use by now. They are no longer made...
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    Easy / Eazy/ Ezy Awning... anyone have or used one? I have found this awning under a few different names. Looks decent.. anyone have opinions? st
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    '06 Tundra DC quasi kinda 'build'... got some questions

    Hello all. We got rid of my 98 Taco 4 banger and bought an 06 Tundra DC. I'm a mid size 4 banger guy, but oh well. Need room for the kid. Anyways, I have the green light from the wife to do what needs doing so we can have some fun with our two year old. Lots of time in MT, WY, ID, and trips to...
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    Westfalia campers

    Those Westfalia guys knew what they were doing. st
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    ID this Tundra custom camper/expd vehicle

    Currently for sale on Craigslist. Looks slick! Anyone id this? I emailed the guy and he was pretty mum. He did say the cab is open to the camper. I'd be surprised if it weren't on this site already.. haven't found it. st
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    Grandby on C_List No affiliation. Wish it was smaller.. good deal! -Mike
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    Posting 'for sale' ,craigslist ad's etc?

    What's the skinny around here with posting fs, wtb or passing along craig's list ads that may interest the group? Didn't see anything in the faq's, and I didn't see a 'marketplace' forum.. maybe I missed it. On edit..found the 'for sale' area. So what about 'outing' of craigslist ads? Kosher...