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    Lost gp expo build

    Still waiting for my lost_gp plate but figure I would start a build thread so here we go. Started with a 2014 jkur in dune with half doors. Later learned this was an order only option. Drove the jeep stock for 6 months thsn built a rack for the back, installed some lights and was good. Although...
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    Expedition first aid

    I like to think I've got a decent first aid kit together that regularly stays in my jeep. But it's well stocked with basics wondering what other people are running. See if I need to expand my current undertakings.
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    Rigs decked out ready for the trail

    What do all your rigs look liked decked out ready for the trail. Let see em.
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    looking for a sub $100 sleeping bag for sub freezing temps

    After growing up camping with my parents and just using their sleeping bags which were usually colemans that were onsale at the time they needed news ones and they were fine for them sleeping in a TT. Now I am getting into doing alot more tent camping on my own and the old colemans just arnt...