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  1. Family Friendly 4x4

    2017 Fuso FG6-136 (FG84) 4x4 for sale in Cape Town. This is a RHD South African Euro2 spec model ready-to-travel!
  2. Family Friendly 4x4

    2017 Mitsubishi Fuso FG6-136 (FG84) 6-ton 4x4 Overland Truck for sale in South Africa!

    2017 Fuso FG84 4x4 with only 17,000km (just had its 1s dealer service at 15,000km) * This truck is registered as a Motorhome in South Africa and is homologated to seat 7x persons (Driver + 6). * This purchase would suit someone wishing to collect the vehicle in SA to travel the African...
  3. Family Friendly 4x4

    Iveco Eurocargo ML150E24 4x4 RV Expedition Truck, new custom build!

    Just purchased this chassis and have started the build of a 6m box to house a family of 4 for a planned around the world trip. Early days but we hope to complete the build by the end of this year (2019). Thought I would document the build process here, same as we did for our Fuso FG6 build...
  4. Family Friendly 4x4

    Sand ladders for a 15 ton overland truck???

    I am still unable to find a decent set of sand ladders for a 15 ton overland truck. And please do not say Maxtrax because they only do those short plastic ones. I am looking for some decent aluminum ones at least 2.1 meters long with a 15 ton plus rating. PLEASE help!??
  5. Family Friendly 4x4

    Any law against tourists travelling with foreign registered RHD vehicle in the States & Canada?

    Hi Guys Please forgive me if this is not the correct section but I am a FG owner and would like to know if there are any regulations against tourists shipping in their foreign registered right hand drive trucks to travel around the States and Canada please? Seems a silly question but could be...
  6. Family Friendly 4x4

    That crazy KTM that changed the adventure bike game forever!

    I gave the abrieviated account of my trans-sahara travels, and I have said my piece about the greatest overland adventure bike of all time, the Yamaha XT600 Tenere here: Here then follows...
  7. Family Friendly 4x4

    XT600 Tenere - The original overland adventure bike!!

    Although there has been a long list of 'acceptable' overland adventure bikes over the years, and no bike is bad as such when on an adventure. There is however one bike that has stood the test of time, and for those that know, this bike will always be the all-time ORIGINAL overland adventure...
  8. Family Friendly 4x4

    Crappy Exhaust Brake??

    I have two FG84's. On the older 2014 model (done only 15,000km) the exhaust brake is strong. On the brand new 2017 one with half that mileage on the clock the exhaust brake is rubbish. I have had the dealer look at it and "adjust" it but it made no difference. What can be done?
  9. Family Friendly 4x4

    Calling all FG owners in South Africa!

    Attention all FG owners in South Africa. We are tyring to put together a bulk order of 17 inch 6-stud single rims from Australia and would like to hear from you re your order requirement. The 17" tubeless rims are far better than the 16" tube type split rims that we use; and which are also by...
  10. Family Friendly 4x4

    FG adventures in Africa (photo thread)

    I thought it well to start a photo thread of our FG trips in Southern Africa in order to keep inspiring myself, and perhaps others with similar dreams. I hope to continue adding new photo adventures to this thread over the years.
  11. Family Friendly 4x4

    Build your own Fuso FG6 4x4 based camper/overlander!

    After shopping around (and I must admit amongst very limited options in South Africa for this type of work) we soon realized we were not going to afford the purchase of a Fuso camper from a custom motorhome builder anytime soon! So our minds shifted to finding an alternative, more budget...