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    M416 with lid and RTT located in MN

    I'd like to sell my M416 trailer. Its in great shape but with my schedule I just don't get to use it as often as I'd like to. More detailed pics and info can be found in the build thread listed in my signature. Here's a quick list of features..... LED bulbs and Gamma Goat lenses on stock...
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    JK rear storage / fridge slide

    Started working on some rear storage for my Jeep. I wanted a slide for my fridge and a drawer to store my tool bag, spare fluids, tow strap and camping stuff. I used the combo slide from AT. I wanted the drawer to be deep enough to hold a jug or two of gear oil standing up. I used full...
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    RTT height??

    I searched on here and looked at a few mfg.'s websites but couldnt find what I was looking for. Im wondering how tall a RTT is when its open, from the base where it mounts to the top. Im going to be building a rack on my trailer to hold a RTT this weekend. Wondering if I'll be able to open the...
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    M416 parts value??

    I have some trailer parts that I dont need anymore and figured I'd try to sell them localy on Craigslist. Anyone know the value, or going rate, for the following items? Im not looking to get rich off the stuff, but I dont want to give it away either. I have the entire front frame section that...
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    Matts M416 build

    I started a build thread a few years ago after I bought my first M416 trailer but just deleted it because I bought another one! I wanted a complete trailer in good shape but after looking for a year I settled and bought one in not the greatest shape. Basicly it was a beat up tub, the front of...
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    Lid plans??

    I tried searching a bunch but couldnt find what I was looking for. I remember seeing a drawing with dimentions and bend angles on it for a M416 lid on here. It was sized to use the full width of a sheet of steel. Anyone have it saved that could post it for me? Or maybe a link to the thread its...