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    Adventure Trailers - AT 24A composite drawer

    Used in very good condition. With locking key. 24" deep x 20" wide x 9" high SF Bay Area, CA. $250.
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    In need of: Can Holder - Scepter

    I have a pair of steel AT MFC holders if interested. I'm in SF Bay Area.
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    WTB FWC pop top camper to fit Ford F350 short box

    I've got a 2016 (built Oct. 2016) that was used just a handful of times in 2017 so it's in immaculate condition. Gas heater furnace, outside shower, hot water, solar panels, fridge, flush toilet are the main options. Let me know if interested, I'm San Francisco bay area.
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    ExtremeAire Magnum compressor 12v

    Or use a set of jumper cables, keep one alligator clip side for battery connection, install the same style connector on the other end, thereby making it the "portable" version that Outback sells. To make it work with a tank, it needs a solenoid, fuse or circuit breaker, and pressure switch...
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    ExtremeAire Magnum compressor 12v

    SOLD Used to fill up tires probably half a dozen times. Works great. $400 in San Francisco Bay Area. Will ship on your dime. Comes with what you see in the photo. (compressor, power cable with quick connector, 6ft. Parker high temp lead) Specs and details...
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    Painless Dual Battery ISOLATOR kit:Tacoma Dual Bat tray: ARB Fridge Wiring Kit, etc

    still have the ARB wiring? I'll take it if so, I can meet you locally. PM me?
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    FWC with AC ?

    I had an A/C in mine, out of the rear window location. Built from the FWC factory. The photo shows it covered by the vinyl custom cover held on by buttons.
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    FWC (Hawk) water tank plumbing/wiring

    Edit: Yesterday I only saw the GREEN wire that I figured goes to #4. Now, I just went to look at the face plate, and I found another wire hiding in the background. So this WHITE wire must go to #5....?
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    FWC (Hawk) water tank plumbing/wiring

    Thanks Bill! I sort of figured #1 was a vent hose going up to the filler plate because I did see a 1/2" air gap connection up there. For #5, are you saying it should be crimped to #4 (which then connects to the green wire at the water pump)? Or does #5 connect to the back of the display panel...
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    FWC (Hawk) water tank plumbing/wiring

    Hi, I recently picked up an '07 Hawk and the original owner had removed the water tank to gain extra storage space under the "sectional" couch. Now I want to reinstall the tank, but I don't know where a couple of the connections go. I've figured out where #2, #3, #4 goes, but #1 and #5 are not...
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    Autohome mounts and crank (extended length)

    I have a brand new unopened mounting kit.... 8 plates, 4 u bolts, and nuts/washers. $30 shipped to lower US. I also have a crank handle that I lengthened by welding a 5" tube extension in the middle. This helps clear your roof or trailer when turning the crank. $40 shipped to lower US.
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    SOLD!! Hannibal roof rack + Hannibal awning 2m

    For the Hannibal set up, the first PM (habanos) is the first in line for shipping. I'll keep you guys posted on his status.
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    SOLD!! Hannibal roof rack + Hannibal awning 2m

    It's also for sale, come and get it!
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    SOLD!! Hannibal roof rack + Hannibal awning 2m

    the shell has a pair of Yakima track rails running front to back, and the Hannibal rack is sitting on Yakima cross bars. this is not mine but I found an example:
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    SOLD Tacoma 2nd Gen: Leer Commercial Expedition Cap/Camper Shell

    SOLD. All aluminum construction, very light weight and will never rust. Fits 2nd gen Tacoma long beds (6ft). Nothing wrong with it, all seals are great condition. I am just parting out the truck now for something else. Driver Side: Tool Box Passenger Side: Sliding Window + door, or "windoor"...
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    SOLD!! Hannibal roof rack + Hannibal awning 2m

    SOLD Aluminum construction, so always rust free. I have it mounted on my Tacoma. You can use Yakima, Thule, etc bars for mounting or your factory cross bars. Dimensions: 74 1/4" L x 47" W without awning attached 74 1/4" L x 53" W with awning, and awning is 6" H