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  1. Carlyle

    2012 Alaskan Camper/Dodge 5500
  2. Carlyle

    Continental MPT-81 for sale

    I have a single brand new 275/75-R20 for sale. Too small for my truck now. Your gain and my loss! $150 plus shipping or local pickup in Colorado. UPS will take this tire, btw. Thanks!
  3. Carlyle

    Awesome Backpack for Sale!

    USMC Digital MARPAT ILBE Arcteryx Main Pack Improved Load Bearing Equipment (ILBE) main backpack with USMC digital Woodland MARPAT camouflage constructed of water resistant 720 Denier Cordura Main pack with 4500 cubic Inch of space is designed to carry a load up to 120 pounds Internal...
  4. Carlyle

    Let's Go Aero Cargo Trailer - $1000 Colorado

    Let's go Aero cargo trailer purchased about ten years ago to haul our camping gear. This trailer is in new condition and includes a spare tire, load holding system, spare wiring harness and cam lift for changing tire. Everything is in great working order and ready to haul your stuff with minimal...
  5. Carlyle

    New 2012 Dodge 5500 Bumper - $500 Colorado

    Brand new 2012 Dodge Ram 5500 Laramie Chrome Fender with factory lights and lower valance. I pulled this bumper new and installed an aftermarket one. This sells for much more msrp and available to you at a substantial savings. Please check to make sure this bumper will fit your truck before...
  6. Carlyle

    New 2012 Dodge 5500 Alcoa Wheel set and tires - $2500 Colorado

    SOLD This is a brand new wheel set off a 2012 Dodge 5500 Laramie Edition. These are the four polished Alcoa Aluminum 19.5" wheels and the the factory inner steel wheels. The tires are brand new Continental 225 70-19.5's x 6. I pulled the wheel set from my truck new to replace with...
  7. Carlyle

    Dual Band Vecicle Mounted Radio Opinions Please

    To bring you up to speed my camper and truck burned in November and I ma having to replace my compete set up. I live in Colorado and travel extensively to fish and camp in many remote areas, Baja again when the drug war simmers down. I had a Yaesu 7800 with a 5' comet. I don't profess to being...
  8. Carlyle

    19.5" Wheels and Tires

    Set of four nearly new Vision 19.5" wheels with Toyo 265/70R-19.5" M608Z Tires mounted and balanced off my 2004 ford F350. Also includes a fifth Vision wheel with a Goodyear G124 as a spare in the same size. My truck was totaled by smoke damage of a truck camper fire and the tires have...
  9. Carlyle

    Garmin Quest GPS for sale

    I'm selling my trusty Garmin Quest GPS. Includes all original software, cables and mounts. Unlike new Garmin products, it includes an actual printed manual and USB cable. The suction cup has glue on it, peel it off or glue it on your dash like I did so it doesn't fall off. I do not have the...
  10. Carlyle

    Toughbook For Sale

    Well I went the way of the Mac and I'm now selling my trusty Toughbook. Specs: Panasonic CF-72 magnesium shelled Laptop Fresh Windows XP sp 3 install with disc 1.25 gig ram 2.53 gig processor, old 1.8 gig chip included 160 gig HDD Dual layer DVD/CD Player & Recorder with Nero Software 3.5"...
  11. Carlyle

    Tire Changing on a Full Size Truck

    I'm looking for a safe and dependable way to lift a corner of my 14,000 lb vehicle for tire changing, putting on chains and help getting un-stuck. I talked to ARB, and the left bags are simply not rated for a vehicle of this weight. My Hi-Lift is not rated for this weight and is an accident...
  12. Carlyle

    Best GPS?

    Well my Garmin Quest is in the midst of it's last death throes and I am now contemplating is successor. Recommendations? I need a large screen unit that works well for on and off the road that I can link to my laptop for updates and downloads. Touch screen would be nice, voice not nessesary...
  13. Carlyle

    Switched to Linux

    I finally made the switch! My Windoze XP fried again, this time it locked up solid with a black screen of death. Nothing worked including recovery disc and I finally rescued my latest data with a Ubuntu boot disc. So I decided to make the plunge and loaded Ubuntu 8.1 side by side with XP. I...
  14. Carlyle

    Kenwood DNX 7100 Questions

    Has anyone out there used this unit and have any pros and cons on the ability to program the Garmin inside it? Thanks ahead of time!
  15. Carlyle

    WTB: Engel or ARB Fridge

    I'm looking for a nearly new or very good condition Engel or ARB fridge/freezer around the 45 quart range. Anyone have one they would be willing to part with? I'll also need a cover and slide if you have it as well, or I'll just buy it later. I'm sure someone out there has one they never use...
  16. Carlyle

    CF-72 Toughbook For Sale

    Before I throw this unit on Craigslist I'm offering it up here. I have two identical Panasonic CF-72 Toughbooks and thought I would the second one in the camper. Well, I only use one at a time and I'm selling off the second one. It is mobile Pentium 4 at 1.8 ghz, upgraded to 1.2 gb ram...
  17. Carlyle

    Online Site for Technician Exam???

    Are there any online places to take the technician Ham radio Exam? I'm kind of away from the big towns and would just like to whip the test off asap. Any help would be appreciated.
  18. Carlyle

    Taser M18L

    My latest acquisition, legal in most States, not considered a firearm and therefore legal in parks. Great for trail running too! I just need to figure out a way to carry while running that won't bounce all over the place yet will not be conspicuous.
  19. Carlyle

    2004 Hallmark Chuchara XL Pop up Truck Camper $6500.

    2004 Hallmark Chuchara XL Pop up Truck Camper $6500. This 9.5 foot soft side electric lift camper fits full size pick up with long bed and comes with many add ons. The camper itself includes inside porcelain toilet, inside & outside shower, electronic start 6 gallon hot water tank, 3 way...
  20. Carlyle

    WTB: 19.5" Wheels

    I'm switching my truck over to 19.5's and would like to try and get a set of wheels, prefer Aluminum but will go steel. If anyone has a set sitting around their garage collecting dust that would fit my '04 F350 please let me know what you want for them. Thanks