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    Heavy duty boxes at local ReStore (Habitat 4 Humanity)

    Just wandered through the Forest Grove Habitat for Humanity ReStore and they had a huge stack of heavy duty box crates and such that were originally for manufacturing tool parts kits from Intel Corp. I would imagine they would make great chuck boxes or overland storage containers. Cheap too...
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    Packed ARB fridge pics?

    I'm looking at maybe getting myself an ARB fridge/freezer for my kayak camp trailer. Looks like the 37 Quart and 63 Quart might be the only two I can use inside the trailer, as my lid is just a tad over 17" above the floor of the trailer. Both of these are advertised to be just under 17"...
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    My little adventure trailer. Two year build.

    I forgot to get back here with pictures of the trailer I put together over the past couple of years. It started out as just a utility trailer I built with kayak racks to tow behind my one ton truck camper combo. Then it went under the knife and I added more features. A...
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    Resealing mushrooms for camping?

    I am heading to the Oregon Alvord Desert area next week for a bit over two weeks of exploring. I am not taking any kind of refrigeration, ice or dry ice either. All food is add water, butter, or oil and cook, bake, or fry. We plan bake pizza a few times in the Bemco backpacker oven. I love...
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    No refrigeration needed

    I am interested in growing a good solid list of foods that don't require refrigeration for storage during overland travel. Travel temps could be 20º-120ºF, so freezing or melting points may become note worthy. Smaller portions for maybe 1-2 people is my aim here. I don't want to deal with...
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    Gas struts

    Working on designing a platform/lid for the top of my trailer to mount a Maggiolina Airtop tent to. I would like to have this platform be hinged at the front of the trailer, so I can lift the closed tent up 3-4 feet at the rear to ease accessing items near the inside of the front of the...
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    Optimistic man tackling Baboons Pass.

    This trail was probably better suited to RTT vs. an off road trailer. But, it makes for a cool video none the less. Oh and there's a hottie.
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    Bull bar to roof rack cables??

    I keep seeing these on various Land Rover's and can't find any info on them on the web. What are these for, keeping branches from hitting the windshield or something? Examples:
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    Tepui Tent RTT

    Anyone here have one, or ever poked around at this brand of RTT? It looks like the ARB units but a bit cheaper in price.