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    Welding on the Frame: What Rod to Use

    3/32 7018ac around 80-90 amps nice tight stringers and make sure the paints cleared off before hand.
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    Help needed with Jeep JK Storage Drawers

    I would move the compressor to somewhere a little more out of the way. Could easily get a typical drawer set up that mount the compressor under the roll bar in the truck area with a little bit a bracket work. Compressor on one side tank on the other. Would clear up a lot of usable space. As we...
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    Trekboxx JKU cargo systems - taking orders and now on SALE!

    This is a simple case you get what you pay for. Trekboxx is a quality product with a quality price. If you want cheap than go cheap. If want something that fits perfect doesn't make noise and has been thoroughly thought out than pay the piper and get it if not don't knock the guy for making a...
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    2015 JKUR Long Term Build

    Look forward to the build. Remember you from when I was on mallcrawlin, had a 97 than an 03 grand.
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    2007+ Tahoe/Yukon thoughts?

    If you goto a 2500 suburban you get an iron block 6.0 and no fuel management. Granted the 6.0 in the suburban is what I consider a little underpowered for towing a 8k trailer it should do ok.
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    just got my tablet now what?

    I liked the usgs topo or sati-light maps or the hybrids. Very handy when searching for things like camping sites while on the trail.
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    Chainmail scrubber

    Chain mail works awesome I to found it searching on amazon. I got the large or extra large I beleive. Mainly been using it on my 12 inch skillet that never seems to leave the stove.
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    2005 ish Burban vs. 2010 + Tundra CrewMax with cap

    Had an 08 tundra now have a 08 suburban 2500. For 5 people plus animals suburban hands down. The truck bed is nice for truck things but nothing beats the interior space you get with a suburban.
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    The Pioneering Spirit's Expedition JKU Build

    Why go with e-lockers if your installing an arb compressor. Arb lockers are known to be basically billet proof.
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    Jerry Cans Plastic vs Metal

    Scepter water and gas cans are the only way to go. Well worth the price. And never had an issue with leakage regardless of pressure or temp
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    Makita LXT-407 Toolset.

    I've used the making 189 stuff at work, have had 1/2"impacts so hot you couldn't touch them without leather gloves, in the rain, under water, scorching sun, and everything in between. Never had one give up. Just wish the big 1/2 gun had a bit more power like the Milwaukees do.
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    Which suspension on my JK for overland use?

    The rears were not the triple rates. Fronts are, but the rear when I bought the kit were still linear springs. Much happier with the ome's in the rear. Jeep fully loaded plus a tire carrier with 10 gallons of fuel on it just didn't pose well with the rk springs and all that weight.
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    Which suspension on my JK for overland use?

    I personally run ome heavy rears and still on rk 2.5" front springs which will probably get changed out for ome medium heavys eventually. Rk springs just couldn't take the weight of the jk loaded down. Sagged pretty good with just camping gear and the tent tailet really dropped it to the bump stops.
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    Which (metal) stock are you using?

    What I have on hand typical and for the most part it's .120 wall tubing and 1/8" flat stock in various widths. These handle most of my needs, anything with a lot of planing will usually get its own trip to the metal yard. For my next rack build on the rear of my jk will mainly be built out of...
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    Rightline Gear?

    I've got the roll bar bags. Work great solid construction and seals well. Had them on my rear bumper for a week in moab, and if any over you know that red dust it gets everywhere. Everything in the bag stayed clean and dry.
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    Lost gp expo build

    Well got the rack work done although the storage rack on the rear will have to wait for another day with some more fab time. Now have to scepter cans locked and ready to go with fuel. Secured with a stainless padlock through 2x1/8" flat bar, shouldn't be going anywhere. Hi lift still mounted...
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    XJ or WJ

    Wj with a 4.7 and 242 select trac 4wd system. Best of both worlds
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    Lost gp expo build

    It sat pretty level till loaded down than the rear was way low. On the moab trip I was probably an inch or so off the bump stops the entire time
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    Lost gp expo build

    Still waiting for my lost_gp plate but figure I would start a build thread so here we go. Started with a 2014 jkur in dune with half doors. Later learned this was an order only option. Drove the jeep stock for 6 months thsn built a rack for the back, installed some lights and was good. Although...
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    PLucas's Picture Diary/Build Thread..!!

    Another dune jk, seems like a rare color. Don't think I've seen any others with the half doors besides mine.