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  1. Summit Cruisers Jr

    First Foray into 4Runners - My 1st Gen Build

    Hey everyone, I figured I would start documenting my 1st gen's progress on ExPo. (July ‘19) July ‘20 (Current) I’ve never really worked on any 4Runners, but I was born into a Land Cruiser family and have been working on Land Cruisers most of my life. From a young age, I remember helping my...
  2. Summit Cruisers Jr

    The Restoration And Build Thread For My 1992 FJ80

    First post here. I figured I would share with the ExPo crowd. I will update this thread with more as I have time to. I will be posting quite a lot of photos to show its progression over the past 4 or so years. - Edit: Here is the most complete mod list I could come up with, but I am sure I...