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  1. Dendy Jarrett

    Issues with Inka Outdoors

    Gents - please refrain from disparaging comments. Not in the spirit of the community. Thanks D
  2. Dendy Jarrett

    Anyone modified their truck camper to fit Dirt Bikes?

    Thread being monitored for trolling and other comments that are not in the spirit of expedition portal.
  3. Dendy Jarrett

    1999 Chevy Express conversion camper

    I need a price in your classified or will have to remove after 24 hours. Thanks D
  4. Dendy Jarrett

    Canadians... What's it really like?

    Gents - moderating is a thankless task, but made much easier by those that stick to the terms of use agreement you all signed when you asked to participate here. These reported posts I chase now because you guys can’t keep political commentary to your selves is pushing me to the brink of pulling...
  5. Dendy Jarrett

    Where can I shoot?

    I'm issuing a warning here to proceed in this conversation cautiously. We are monitoring it for those who may take it towards a political slant or for trolling others to argue.
  6. Dendy Jarrett

    White knuckle sliders

    Admin is monitoring this thread as not a normal protocol for a new member to be selling on behalf of a non-member. Buyer be cautious.
  7. Dendy Jarrett

    Help me price Ford E350 only 13,500 miles

    Per the rules of this forum, you'll need to add a price please. Thanks D
  8. Dendy Jarrett

    2019 Turtleback Expedition Trailer - Taken off the market until Spring after final family trips.

    If this trailer is no longer for sale please update the listing and mark it as sold or off the market.
  9. Dendy Jarrett

    SOLD: 2018 Conqueror UEV-490 Platinum $43,000

    Do you have a clear title for this ... in your name?
  10. Dendy Jarrett

    Turnkey 15 Toyota Tacoma DCSB 4x4 long travel outfitted.

    You still need a price here. Many will not click on external links- It is per the classified use rules- Thanks D
  11. Dendy Jarrett

    Can we talk coffee brewing?

    We monitor these forums more than any other online community I've been associated with. It should be noted, however, that Expedition Portal subscribes to Tread Lightly principals and will advocate for them anywhere we can. We won't however allow folks to be jerks about it. Thanks D
  12. Dendy Jarrett

    Go Fast Campers ripoff

    Please keep it friendly folks!
  13. Dendy Jarrett

    SOLD - 1995 Toyota Land Cruiser

    Please state the location
  14. Dendy Jarrett

    Turnkey 15 Toyota Tacoma DCSB 4x4 long travel outfitted.

    Per participation terms of use: You need a price. Thanks DJ
  15. Dendy Jarrett

    Go Fast Campers ripoff

    Gents - I'm steering you guys back on course. Personal attacks on Expedition Portal are strictly forbidden - take your gripes off line.
  16. Dendy Jarrett

    Trade F-150 for Tundra - Overland

    F250 was a gasser. I did the math on the diesel and between the premium price, the service price vs. gas service price, and DEF, combined with my short daily commute, it made no sense. The RAM is a fully loaded with HEMI.
  17. Dendy Jarrett

    Trade F-150 for Tundra - Overland

    Trailer is 7400 dry and tongue weight is 928lbs. Caveat- I do use an equalizer hitch but with the equalizer, the F250 had a serious squat. The PW has zero. I believe the better ride is the coil sprung versus leaf spring-
  18. Dendy Jarrett

    Trade F-150 for Tundra - Overland

    I have a 2019 Ram Power Wagon. Best truck I’ve ever owned. Tows better and rides better and quieter than my 2015 F250. I tow a 28 foot airstream that placed serious squat on the F250. Zero squat on the PW. When your wife notices the better ride and towing, you know it has to be....
  19. Dendy Jarrett

    Registering under a Montana LLC

    Let’s watch to ensure we don’t migrate this into a political commentary