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  1. jmnielsen

    Rigid HVAC Micro DC AirCon

    Has anyone used or installed on of these Rigid HVAC Micro DC AirCon (micro dc air conditioner)? I'm purchasing an older Hallmark Ute, and a requirement for camping in Nebraska in the summer is AC. Rooftop air is out, don't care for the added height...
  2. jmnielsen

    Did you finance your truck camper purchase?

    Pretty simple question, did you finance your truck camper purchase? I've been on the hunt for a $5k or less TC to use for the next few years. I've been ogling the Camp X and FWC Hawk but won't buy one for a few years (not in the budget). I'm curious how many people are plopping down the cash...
  3. jmnielsen

    SOLD: 2011 R-Pod 181G $5500OBO

    FOR SALE: 2011 R-Pod 181-G Location: Lincoln, Nebraska Description: Good Condition R-Pod. Has rear "garage", wet bath. Weights about 2800lbs dry (if I am remembering correctly) so you can tow it with even small vehicles. The Good: -No known Leaks -All electrical systems work (LED lights...
  4. jmnielsen

    DIY Truck Camper - If you did it again

    In the process of planning a pop up truck camper similar to FWC and others. I'm on the fence about a few things and figured I would see what the people here think. If you have previously built a camper, particularly a pop up for a truck: What would you do differently this time around? What...
  5. jmnielsen

    Opinions wanted

    Thought I would post this here for people's opinions, since I can't seem to make up my mind. I picked up some rims for cheap that are the same as the ones on my truck, with the intent of putting them on the camper. A couple reasons why: 1) having all tires match means less spare tires to...
  6. jmnielsen

    jmnielsen's "offroad" camper build

    Thought I might share this here to get some feedback and maybe some ideas from people. I started this about a year and a half ago, and while it is still a work in progress it is now campable. The frame is 2" square tubing, 1/8" thick. The cross members are 1"x2" that is also 1/8" thick. It...