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  1. GlenStanley

    Gaia Questions

    This guy gives a pretty good tutorial on how to use the BLM website to find legal places to boondock. I'm fairly new to all this and learning as I go. The very first time I used GAIA, I didn't even know you had to pre-load the maps. I thought it just worked like a TomTom or Magellan, but for...
  2. GlenStanley

    Gaia Questions

    GAIA's website has some good tutorials as well. A while back I found a 173 page PDF titled "GAIA GPS Users Manual" from 2017. I've tried making it available on a couple of forums, but it's 14 MB size is too big. An internet search with that exact title should find it for you. I'd be happy to...
  3. GlenStanley

    Not so scientific food experiment goes better than expected…

    What he said.... I didn't believe they would work as well as they have. I've been using them for a couple of months now and am more than pleased with thee results. I can't wait too see how they do on my next long camping trip.
  4. GlenStanley

    Not so scientific food experiment goes better than expected…

    First, let me say that I have absolutely no connection to these products other than I gave them a try and they worked so well I thought I’d share… Even after following the best practices in proper food storage, we have always wished we could get fresh fruit & veggies to stay fresh longer...
  5. GlenStanley

    gmrs radio location

    After researching & saving some $$$ for a while, I ended up going with the Yaesu FTM-400 XDR for the HAM & the Midland MXT 400 for the GMRS. Mostly based on the recommendations of those who know a whole lot more about this stuff than me. I've got a 2011 Ford E350 Econoline "Sportsmobile'ish"...
  6. GlenStanley

    gmrs radio location

    I can't help for your specific idea, but I'm almost done mounting a HAM, GMRS and some fixed mount NAV stuff in the van. It took a bit more planning than I initially thought it would. It was super helpful to temporarily place everything and see how it would work out first. I quickly realized...
  7. GlenStanley

    SOLD...FOR SALE: ARB 2500 Touring Awning with ARB Universal Mounting Brackets

    I'm upgrading to a Fiamma F45S & no longer need my ARB 2500 Touring Awning. This awning is in excellent condition as it's only been used twice and has been in storage for almost a year. It's 8'-2" X 8'-2", tan in color, and is housed in a gray vinyl zippered case. The case and the awning are...
  8. GlenStanley

    New type of wood for interior build-outs...

    I'm told it's also referred to as Peckerwood 🤣
  9. GlenStanley

    New type of wood for interior build-outs...

    Although I was originally planning on going with Baltic Birch, now I'm going with Ostrich Wood:
  10. GlenStanley

    SOLD...For Sale in So. Cal. Area: Camp Chef "Explorer" 2-burner gas stove with windscreen. $75.00

    In excellent condition. Only used a couple of times & stored in garage. Legs are easily removable for tabletop use. Local pick-up only.
  11. GlenStanley

    SOLD...For Sale in So. Cal. Area: DJI Phantom 3 Standard Drone/Quad-Copter with many accessories. $300.00

    Accessories include: extra battery, extra set of propellers, landing pad, Various mounts for phone or tablet, various sun shades for tablet, propeller protectors, raised leg attachments for rough terrain landings, set of various camera lens filters, car charger, micro SD card & adapter, hard...
  12. GlenStanley

    SOLD...For Sale in So. Cal. Area: SPOT GEN3 GPS Personal Tracking Device. $40.00

    Like new. Only used twice. Requires SPOT subscription. Local pick-up preferred, but can ship at buyer's expense.
  13. GlenStanley

    Fishing / Fly Fishing Info. Requested for Panama City Beach, FL Area: Early November, 2020

    My wife is competing in the Iron Man Triathlon in Panama City Beach, FL on Saturday, November 7th. I have the opportunity to go in a few days early and/or stay a few days after. I have never fished in Florida and would like to get some time on the water, but don't know much at all about the...
  14. GlenStanley

    Pictures of Food Cooked in the Great Outdoors

    So, being locked down at home & having to go deep into my supply of food, I came up with a new one pot meal to make the next time I go camping.... I call it "Spambalaya"
  15. GlenStanley

    Double Fun @ Anza Borrego

    Awesome!!! Great trip.... I love Anza Boreggo. So does "The Beast". He met his girlfriend there: