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  1. Jconlan

    Trying to decide between SoCal teardrop and overland Explorer TDK!! Please help

    Anyone have any experience with the tdk? They’re in canada and we are in SoCal which makes SoCal teardrops appealing. However, which is a better value? Tdk vs kascade/xs any input would be helpful! Especially personal experience/reviews on either. Thank you in advance! We are family of 5...
  2. Jconlan

    Looking to buy a used late model off road or hybrid Hiker trailer or teardrop trailer

    Hi everyone, we are looking to buy a used teardrop or “hiker trailer” for the first time... we have 3 kids under 7 and we’re looking at 5x10 or 5x11, but want to buy from a reputable manufacturer (easy to insure, etc). We liked a couple at SoCal teardrop but was so expensive!! I think Used is...