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  1. colb45

    LR3 ARB LINX or other systems

    First off, has anyone worked with ARB's LINX module or installed one yet? Winter is slowly creeping in and I figure it would be a good time to upgrade my current $50 remote light bar control system to something that actually works and can tidy up my current set up. Current set up I am using 4...
  2. colb45

    LR3 2nd Row Storage

    Wondering if anyone has built a storage platform to replace the 2nd row seats? Idea is to take out the 3rd row seats to create a "storage bin" that would be roughly the same height as the seats when they are folded down, then bolting a dog kennel on top of it. For us the 2nd row seats havent...
  3. colb45

    LR3 underhood compressor

    Hey everyone, need a bit of input on an under hood compressor. Using it strictly for airing tires. Thinking of going with the ARB CKMA12 ( ), million dollar question is do i pony up for the twin or...
  4. colb45

    WTB: LR3 OEM Snorkel

    Looking for an OEM land rover LR3 snorkel kit. :coffeedrink:
  5. colb45

    LR3: New no intermittent wipers don't work

    Just had a new windshield installed in the LR3, was done through insurance. Made sure they ordered a rain sensor and one with heated glass. Have had it in for a couple weeks, finally had some rain and now my intermittent wipers are not working, however will work on fast or hyper fast. Checked...
  6. colb45

    Colb's Red Rover

    Hey Team at Expo, I have been lurking in the shadows for the past couple of months figure I'd formally introduce myself and my rig. I come from working with VW for 5 years, then I went back to school last fall (slowed down the build with the negative cash flow situation). I currently have a 2007...
  7. colb45

    LR3 Xenon Replacement bulbs - thoughts & opinions

    Clarification: This is for Xenon bulbs Backstory, I recently installed a 50" curve LED light bar on my LR3 and Love the light output... Now when I drive with my low beams I feel/know they are due for a replacement. I am looking at getting a replacement set of bulbs, and I have looked and...