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    02 gen3 AC issues.

    My gen3 monty shredded a timing belt this winter and I had to have a shop do the work. It doesnt get run much right now with the move and new baby so I didnt notice till now that the AC isnt working. Apparently the defrost uses it is as well because when you turn it to defrost the AC light...
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    Goodyear wrangler authority ATs

    Anyone run these? Decent price semi aggresive tread for ATs. I have heard some friend of friend anecdotes about bad wear and chunking on fullsize HD trucks. I want first hand experience.
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    Replacing cam cover seals on gen 3 monty

    Well the montys dripping out the cam seals right onto the exhaust and I need to get them changed. Took it to the mechanic since I have limited time right now but he wants $500 for four freaking bolts so Im going to do it myself. I know its a pain getting to them but Im sure someone here has done...
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    AC stopping at idle on 02 Monty.

    Hey guys its been awhile but I figured this is the place to turn. My AC has been acting wonky lately it blows hot at lights or idling. I found yesterday after idling for a while that the compressor would kick on and shut off immediately and that the electric fan wasnt working. The fan was...
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    k2500 questions.

    Was wondering if some of you can answer a few questions for me. Ill do the easy one first. I have a 99 (obs) k2500 crew cab 4wd. I want to do a 2" lift on the front by cranking on the torsion bars and adding 2" blocks to the rear. I may put new keys in it depending on the answers here. I know...
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    Gen 3 water leak. Help.

    Been awhile since ive been here but I haave a water leak im a little confused by. Hoping someone here can help. Anyway found a puddle under the Monty. Put it on ramps and slid underneath. Hot water is dripping from a white plastic tube on the firewall directly behind engine. There doesnt seem...