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    Packing a family a 4 into a jeep or 4runner

    A lot of questions about traveling with a family seem to center around sleeping arrangements, I'm more curious about how you pack a family of 4 into a jeep JK/JL or toyota 4runner? Show me how you organize things. Also figure its only going to be a 4 day, 3 night trip. For reference, I like...
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    Camping Totes or Dry Food Storage

    What is everyone using for storage totes or how do you carry your dry food while expeditioning? We all have coolers and fridges, and I've seen a few camp kitchen setups, but I never seen what people are carrying their bread, chips, canned goods, etc... in. I've seen a lot of people use those...
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    Looking for a simple window

    I'm looking for a simple window, but can't seem to find anyone that makes one. I am looking for a fixed pane (non-slider), no tint window. This should be a super cheap window, but apparently no one wants these. Its for the front wall of a truck camper. Its up against the truck cab. I can't...