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    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    Polly, I used to have one just like that! Got to love the old split doors and sliding windows. Have you still got the vacuum diff switch?
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    New Defender News

    I know I'm probably driving with computer technology from the dark ages, but am I alone in letting the vehicle systems boot-up by turning on the ignition and waiting for the systems-check to complete before firing it up? Definitely seems to result in fewer spurious error codes to clear.
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    1980 Land Rover Lightweight Series III Build

    Telwyn, I guess it depends on your anticipated use, but did you consider having stronger mounts for the roof rack, to bring the weight down to the waist of the vehicle, or lower? The upper portion of the body has a lot of flex in it and even the weight of a spare wheel on the roof can be...
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    Edumecate me on NATO cans and spouts?

    All very interesting...but I'm left wondering how the French differentiate between E for Essence and E for Eau! :)
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    JLR Restructuring / Reorg

    Interesting! I guess they will be looking to clear the clutter around that middle section, where they currently have Evoque, DS and (arguably) Velar, all fitting slightly different parts of the same market.
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    JLR Restructuring / Reorg

    That comment made me wonder about LR production/sales figures and surprisingly I see (from ) that the FL2/LR2/DS and the Evoque have consistently been LR's top performers with the RRS close behind. I guess perspective depends on where you are but the LR2/FL2 was a very successful...
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    JLR Restructuring / Reorg

    Not a lot wrong with that list (although I'm not sure about keeping both FFRR and RRS), but I think there is a gap in their line-up for a slightly smaller SUV that is still family and off-tarmac capable. Of course, as a FL2/LR2 owner I have a certain bias here, but the Disco Sport was never...
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    LR3 sun roof Rattle

    It's often been said that Land Rover start their design works with a rattle, then build a vehicle around it! At least yours is easily identifiable and I hope you manage to get a fix. But for what it's worth, the sunroof on my 1993 Defender rattled too, but I just lived with it.
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    Can we talk coffee brewing?

    DortchRules, I'm glad to see someone else that keeps it simple! I've got an old-style enamel coffee pot and with the right grind it infuses and settles pretty quickly, leaving very little ground coffee in the cup.
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    Post up your drawer/storage system

    Lol! ... living nearly 20 degrees north of your latitude, it’s sometimes difficult to tell the seasons apart! :)
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    1980 Land Rover Lightweight Series III Build

    Interesting! My recollection is of the series III having very light steering but I guess with modern tyres and a smaller steering wheel there may be a greater need for power assistance. Are you updating the brakes?
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    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    Not in the Camel league, but 1400 miles from home, overlooking the Mediterranean...and it’s not often that you see an FL2/LR2 pic on here!
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    1980 Land Rover Lightweight Series III Build

    Looks pretty much like the pic in my old Series II, IIA & III Haynes Manual. All I remember is constant problems with play in the steering box and the huge expense of a new one...which I could never quite afford!
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    What are you using for a coffee maker and coffee brand when camping/overlanding?

    GSI Java Press for me! Best gadget I’ve ever bought!
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    On Board Water Remote Gauge

    Could you mount the tank on some load sensors and simply use the weight of water as your gauge? Might be simpler than having to build-in additional plumbing for a sight tube or breaching the tank integrity for an in-tank sender unit.
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    Bought a couple of 110's

    Interesting that the pick-up has also had a lengthy period when it was not road-registered - 10 years in its case, before it was (presumably) fairly extensively rebuilt by PJ Fabrications. I guess this will become increasingly common with UK-sourced LRs (my own Defender has been slowly rusting...
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    Bought a couple of 110's

    A quick background check - if I have found the right vehicle, suggests it was first registered in Jan 1991. It reached 170k miles in Jan 10 and was still at that figure at Jan 11, then went back to 135k miles for its Jan 18 MOT. With a couple of periods when it wasn’t used (no MOT for 2009 and...
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    Bought a couple of 110's

    My August ‘93 Defender CSW was certainly a 200Tdi. Why is there no front number plate on it, if it is (otherwise) road legal?
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    18's on range rover sport

    If you go onto the you will find plenty of threads on wheels and tyres and lots of people modifying for off-road use.
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    Gap IID Tool: First go.

    Another thumbs-up for the GAP IIDTool! Bought it in December but it has already paid for itself!