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    Gentle tent

    A while back I had this great idea or getting an air beam tent mounting it to a rack. And having a no pole light weight rtt it must have been a good idea because gentle tents are just that. I stumbled across one on the jeep gladiator forum. Has anyone seen one? Or better yet used One? What...
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    Mercedes sprinters

    I see these every where many 4 x4s > mostly they seem to be th eultimate surf van at least here in encinitas and pricey? How good are they off road? Just curious I admire the heck out of them and won't ever be rich enough to buy one But still they seem preety cool so how good...
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    Rtt recommendations

    I am considering the purchase of a rtt I am looking for ease of operation low closed height As light a weight as possible It will go on the rebel off-road bed rack on my Jeep gladiator I would like a hard shell thinking of a minimalist approach like theGFC ultra light Or a lux approach...
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    Looking for a comparison of 270 awnings

    Starting to shop for an awning cost 1000 max. Styl 270 prefer one rigid enough so no poles are needed. Who can offer suggestions. I have looked at the thread new 270. But that isn’t quite enough detail. I don’t have a clue about material. So all you wise folks in the way of awnings please...
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    Small portable electric. Cooler

    Looking for recommendations for a small electric cooler for the backseat of my truck. Want low draw. Don’t have cig lighter plugs only USB. Ports suuggestions
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    Ford econoline Quigley conversion or Chevy fullsize allwheel Educate me!!!!!

    Trying to decide which way to go. The goal is to have a reasonably capabple van that go offorad and not get stuck, I am used to driving a rubicon for reall off road exploration so my stnadards are high. I do relaize that I need to reuce my expectations though. The van will be my...
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    Buying from an eBay add

    I am just a bit concerned about buying a site unseen van a ford 4x4 2013 quickley with a 2014 body. But a “clean title”. What do you think? Has anyone done it how did it turn out?
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    How far have you taken your. 2 who dr van

    Lovin’ the van live builds I see. But owning a rubicon. I am curious to see how far and on how rough. Offroads, water crossings, climbs, descents, trails etc. you have taken your 2wheel drive van. Post up some pictures?
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    Gaia vs Onx

    I just purchased. The peo level 5 year Gaia. Now I see onx advertised here. Anyone do a comparison? On. Looks. Good but is expensive at $100 a year. Vs 169 for 5 years with Gaia?
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    front wheel drive

    I have a jeep 4x4 rubicon that i don't want to get rid of. I am thinking of buying a late model Ram promaster in 2500, they are only front wheel drive. I suspet i ownt do any thing like what i do inmy jeep My plans are to add 1.5 inch lift bigger more dirt worthy all terrains and a...
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    10.5 inch ipad

    Is this too big size wise. For a nav system in a Jeep jl?
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    recommendations for a portable air compresor

    What are you all using for air up. I would like something powerful with a 100% duty cycle. MY typical use would be to take a 315 70 17 form about 15psi to 30 psi. I see stuff at arb for 850, and Via air for much less? Thought about a tank but that means refilling it all, and...
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    What tire pressures do you run in fresh snow? I was up in the Sierra and had a few hours to play so I took the jeep up sun plowed road at first it was only a few inches deep then more than a foot. But there were deep tracks that I assumed were from another 4X but the tread pattern in the snow...
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    Flashlights advice

    I’m getting a new flashlight and I started to look on YouTube at the reviews and all my gosh my head is spinning. There’s a guy there who does reviews on flashlights and it’s pretty interesting he’s interesting to watch too. So what are you using and why? I’d like to get a rechargeable one that...
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    Air beam tents

    Does anyone know or have any experience with these. I know moose makes them. Several other quality manufacturers do also. Claims are pretty intriguing!
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    Tuff stuff hard shell

    Anyone know nything about theirs?
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    DIY rtt or flippac style

    I have a 2018 jl rubicon 4 dr. I have been looking at Ursa Minor and while I love the concept the price is too high for me. . Plus it limits your ability to take the top off. And it’s heavy jeeps don’t have a a very high gvwr. Oh and I have a rag top. My goals are light weight. Simple...
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    I saw a majestic 4x4 camper. For sale I. Encinitas

    I don’t know if this is a good price or not. But the vehicle was impressive. Ford. Chassis diesel. With 185000 miles All white. Body armor winch. Cab over camper. And it was only. $57000 🤪 It can be seen on Seems like a lot to me for a rig with that many. Miles! I will...
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    Why does it seem that all rtts are mounted sideways? Why njot mount them lengthwise and have it open over the truck bed ?
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    Cell phone booster

    The internet is a crazy wonderful thing. It gives you all kinds of ideas that just pop Up! So I saw an add for a cell phone booster and I wondered if it can boost you signal enough to,use in a navigation scenario where you would. Ordnarily have no service?