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  1. Ace Brown

    Mountain Khaki Pants

    Worn very little. Size 34 x 30. They’re the slim-fit, or Broadway cut, and too tight in the legs for me. Shipped anywhere in lower 48 for $55. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Ace Brown

    PullPal vs Other Winch Anchors

    I have a PullPal rated for my 6000# vehicle. It’s big, cumbersome, heavy and a finger biter. I’ve only used it once in seven years. It did save my ****** that one day. But I look at all the heavy bars and linkage and wonder it all that is really needed. I have some ideas for simplifying and...
  3. Ace Brown

    Rimrocker and Kokopellis Trails June 2020

    Usually I have good notes to do a report from upon completion of a trip. But from lack of practice (shutdown) or just poor memory my notes are quite incomplete. This report will be pretty general but hopefully others will contribute to fill it out. We gathered at my place in Cedaredge...
  4. Ace Brown

    Baja Maps and Guide Books FS

    SOLD SOLD SOLD I not planing on going back to Baja again. Grew tired of the border crossing process and some other hassles while down there. No it’s not the violence issue. I’ve never felt in danger and I’ve been going since 1970. So I’m selling all my guide books and maps. Included is...
  5. Ace Brown

    Beaches of Baja 2019

    The following trip report is the continuation of our trip planning thread called ROFs Extensive Exploration of Baja. When I wrote that title I really hoped to get further off the beaten track. But just before the trip was to start I sold my off road trailer and purchased a Aliner Ranger. Despite...
  6. Ace Brown

    LED Campfire?

    With all the fire bans here in the west, including propane campfires in some areas, I was wondering if anyone makes a LED substitute. It’s seems to me a small light with a nice yellow/orange glow that also flickers could add some ambiance even if no warmth. I have a LUCI Light that switches...
  7. Ace Brown

    ROFs Arizona Sunshine Trip Report ☀️ [emoji266] ☀️

    Today we are sitting above Yuma near Mitry Lake with the snow birds. I probably won’t do much writing here until I get home with my speedy wi-fi signal. But some bits and pieces now and then when I find time. Everyone else is invited to contribute. This is the steep wagon road where the...
  8. Ace Brown

    ROFs SE Utah Trip Part II

    Continuing: The next day was calm which I'm sure was welcomed by the film crew. I broke camp early and headed out to Croton Road. I saw one low clearance SUV on the way in and told her the area was empty. Turns out she was the only moving vehicle I saw all day after 57 miles and 7 hours of...
  9. Ace Brown

    ROFs SE Utah Trip Report

    This trip started out with a twist and a roar. The plan was to meet in Hanksville, UT on October 23 but a few days before that I learned of a gathering "On the Edge" near Fruita, CO on the 20th. Over the Edge is a bicycle shop in Fruita that was largely responsible for all the great trails...
  10. Ace Brown


    As the date of the first eclipse to cross the entire US in 79 years grew close the excitement could be felt. Originally this trip was just another Retired Ol' Farts run with a unique destination, the path of totality in central Wyoming. But as the hype increased so did our interest, but we also...
  11. Ace Brown


    Finally finding time to write up my trip report. It will be posted by chapter and photos added st the end of each installment. When I head down towards Baja there is no way to get there from my home in Western Colorado without crossing some high passes. In the winter this can be a problem, not...
  12. Ace Brown

    R2 Trailer Rebuild #3

    Yep, just now close to finishing my third reincarnation of this trailer. Found it here on ExPo three years ago. Got it home and decided to rebuild it to my idea of a good ORT. Over time it had many revisions but the latest was selling the RTT (2nd one) and converting to a solid walled unit...
  13. Ace Brown

    ROFarts Lost in Utah; The Story

    Day 1: Continuing from our planning thread we all met up at Sand Island near Bluff on Sunday or Monday. We had a fun BS session and get acquainted meeting around a nice fire Monday evening. The weather report was not looking great and sure enough our jump off Tuesday AM started in damp and...
  14. Ace Brown

    FS: Rock Sliders fit 15 4Runner

    I just upgraded and now selling my 6 month old custom sliders I had built locally. They are like new with no rust or gouges. Asking $500 plus shipping if not picked up locally in Western Colorado. Please call or text Ace at nine 7 zero 2 one o six oo six.
  15. Ace Brown

    VW Synchro Seen in Cedaredge, CO

    Getting some work done on it right here in my town. Understand the owner is flying in to pick it up. Wonder if it's headed off to some great adventure.
  16. Ace Brown

    FS: Autohome Columbus RTT in CO

    The SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Autohome Columbus Variant RTT was purchased new May 2013. It only weighs 90# and is probably the fastest setup going (30" to open, a couple minutes to adjust doors, windows, etc). This unit is their regular small, bed size is 48x78". Factory ladder and...
  17. Ace Brown

    FS: AutoHome Columbus in CO

    SOLD SOLD SOLD The Autohome Columbus Variant RTT was purchased new May 2013. It only weighs 90# and is probably the fastest setup going (10" to open, a couple minutes to adjust doors, windows, etc). This unit is their regular small, bed size is 48x78x3". Factory ladder included. Tent is...
  18. Ace Brown

    Tent Cot Collapsable Double

    I have owned several Camp-rite Tent Cots over the past eight or so years. Still have the original CCTC in my collection of tents. Recently I was in Sportsmans Warehouse and I saw a CCTC Double on display. I'm thinking this might be my answer to a very quick camp set up with room for me and...
  19. Ace Brown

    Unimogs for Sale in CO

    Wandering through a guy's collection of nearly every type of vehicle made and came across this Unimog. He had four of them. Maybe their not as rare as I think but anyway they are for sale.
  20. Ace Brown

    FS 2008 FJ Cruiser in Western CO

    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD 2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser, auto, E-locker, A-trac, 3" Icon lift, 4.88 Nitro Gears, Expedition One steel bumpers, rear swing-out holds spare, 5 gallon gas can in A/T mount and mount for CO2 or propane bottle. ARB air compressor. Warn 9000 winch, synthetic line, remote and...