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    When did mountain biking become so specialized!

    I've looked at the Bronson a couple times, it looks like a fun bike to ride!
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    Pics of your VAN! Post up!

    We were just on the Black River last weekend, hiked the falls by the lake and spent a little time on the beach. Beautiful area, enjoy!
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    Pics of your VAN! Post up!

    Where in U.P. were you?
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    The ExPo Mountain Bike Photo Thread

    And a few from just south west of Denver
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    The ExPo Mountain Bike Photo Thread

    A couple pictures from Colorado this spring, by Canyon City
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    When did mountain biking become so specialized!

    That chute looks rideable if you didn't try taking it wide open like those guys were
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    When did mountain biking become so specialized!

    Front and rear suspension in 120mm to 140mm travel, 1x12 drivetrain, and a dropper would be my standards. Something like that Stumpy or a Fuel Ex would be great choices. I have a Fuel Ex8 29nr and really like it but there are a number of good bikes in that category
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    Pics of your VAN! Post up!

    I'm impressed, both you AND the missus are still smiling! That's a good attitude! Those situations seem to usually makes tempers short and attitudes testy lol
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    The Trans Wisconsin Adventure Trail

    I would assume you would be breaking fresh tracks. The last 10 or 20 miles was down to just 2 tracks thru there woods, one vehicle wide. It's a really pretty drive in the summer but I doubt it gets driven in the winter. I'm sure if you wanted to run the route you could bypass wherever there's no...
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    The Trans Wisconsin Adventure Trail

    That's not really winter in northern Wisconsin. I would have to say that's probably late fall. We have between 12"-18"of snow right now and up close to the lake probably more. I ran the trail 2 years ago and there would be quite a bit of the very northern part that wouldn't get plowed all winter
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    Insulate underneath body?

    I had closed cell foam sprayed under my enclosed trailer that I used for work. I've put around 70,000 miles on it since then in all kinds of weather and it hasn't soaked up any moisture. It would be really hard to do the underside of my van completely that way though, you wouldn't want to cover...
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    terminals & crimper recommendation sought

    OTC makes a very nice and easy to use automotive crimper. It's copied from a design that both Mac Tools and Snap-on uses that is very popular.
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    The SHapeSHifter, a work Vuck (vantruck), expedition camper jig.

    I would have never guessed from those first pictures that your flatbed wasn't steel. It's an intriguing concept. How do you like it after running it for 6 months?
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    ITTOG's Truck Camper Build (was 6' x 12' Trailer Conversion)

    Those are some amazing pictures. Just remember that that is the main thing, getting out and using it, and enjoying the beauty of nature!
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    Pics of your VAN! Post up!

    On the beach on St Joseph's Peninsula, Fl
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    GM fullsize AWD Van Info thread

    That does sound high. I bought mine 2 years ago for $12,500, it's a 2013 and had 172,000 miles at the time. Similar miles but it was 8 years newer than the one your looking at
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    The Danger of using the wrong recovery equipment

    I once had my Tahoe stuck while plowing snow. We where pulling it out with a 3" tow strap hooked to a factory tow hook. Snapped the tow hook off and it came right through the sheet metal on my barn door and was laying 4 feet inside my Tahoe. I was sure thankful it didn't come through 2 feet higher
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    Not So Subtle E350 Shuttle - 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    I have been hoping you would continue this thread. It went a little sideways awhile back but hopefully it can stay back on track now. I've enjoyed watching your van progress, watching problems come up and get solved, and seeing the trips you've taken out on. Also your photos are always amazing...
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    FOUND Vans For Sale!