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    Minnesota - Jeep Factory CJ5 Camper

    No affiliation with the seller but this just looks cool. Hoping someone makes a new home for it.... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    2001 Tundra Suspension Input Requested

    Hey All, Picked up a 2001 Tundra SR5 TRD Access Cab and focusing on either getting it onto 265/75R16's or 285/75R16's (BFG KO2's on Method 305 NV's in 16x8 with 4.5" backside spacing). This truck will be a daily driver and weekend get away rig for my son, first car (don't worry, he has...
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    Trailer Options for 37” Tires?

    I searched and didn’t find exactly what I was looking for so posting as new topic. Are there any expo trailer builders which allow you or give the option to fit a 37” tire? I would really like to run matching wheels and tires and seem to be coming up empty other than building an M1101/2...
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    2017 Ram 2500 - Post Divorce Therapy

    BACKGROUND So, the first truck build was my former 2011 Ram 1500 (just search 2011 Ram 1500 - "The Basics" Build in this forum). Was nothing fancy but a great truck and I miss parts of it already. In considering replacement options I looked at a Trailhawk Grand Cherokee, waiting for the new JL...
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    Ashley Lake, MT Sportsmobile Sighting last week

    The oldest son, my brother and the dogs spent the last 10 days exploring western Montana. On the 19th and 20th we camped at Ashely Lake, Montana at one of the non-group campsites, as the we were setting up camp my sons ears perked up at the sound of a diesel coming down the road, when we looked...
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    Pop-up Tie Down to Ram OE Fifth-Wheel / Goosneck?

    Forgive me if this is a really dumb idea but wanted to ask those of you with experience in pop-up tie-downs and anchoring systems the feasibility of such an idea...looking at getting back into a Ram HD (2500 / 3500) for means of getting a pop-up camper. As you are likely aware Ram has an option...
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    Apache Pop Up Camper?

    Anyone have experience with Apache Pop Up Truck Campers? I cannot seem to find out much about them online and going to look at an early 2000's version next week. Thanks.
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    Point and Shoot Purchase Advice

    Looking at a new point and shoot and am open to most brands...and have been looking mostly at Canon, Fuji and Lumix. Given I haven't paid much attention to this industry the past decade I am looking for input from the Expo members to help me spend my money as I figure this audience will give me...
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    Norco vs. US Jack - Bottle Jack Feedback Request

    Looking at "uniweld" bottle jacks, 5-ton or 6-ton rated and thus far it seems like Norco and US Jack are the only options but there is about a $90 to $100 price difference between the two. Just wondering if anyone on the forums has first hand experience and opinions on either. Just an addition...
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    NOT MINE - Blazer and FourWheel Camper in Minnesota Just ran across this today. Wish I was in a position to pick this up and had a place to work on, but hoping someone realizes the potential in this one.
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    Fire Extinguisher?

    For those of you that carry one do you have a favorite version, brand, size, etc.? Just trying to build out the camping / expedition kit for the truck and realized I am lacking one of these. My only criteria, if it matters, is it needs to be functional in outside temps ranging from -50F to...
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    LED Back Up Light Opinions

    Last night realized my stock Ram taillights / reverse lights leave a bit to be desired. I am planning to flush mount into my rear bumper (factory) whatever I end up with for additional backup lights. Wondering if the various versions online for sub-$50 USD in LED 4" rounds are good enough or...
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    2011 Ram 1500 - "The Basics" Build

    Well, it seems it is about the appropriate time to put together a build thread of my own since I have been asking a fair number of questions to this group over the past few months; a special thanks to Oddity for his input and an apology as well since I am copying his front suspension and wheel /...
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    Toppers and Rooftop Tents?

    Looking for some feedback from those of you that have mounted a rooftop tent on your fiberglass it with the Thule or Yakima setups offered by the topper manufactures or something you came up with on your own. I have a Leer 100XQ, which I purchased used, on my 2011 Ram 1500 and the...
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    Decked Truck Bed Organizer?

    Looking for a better solution for organizing items in my truck bed. Have checked out custom set-ups, Truck Vault and just ran across Decked for the first time...wondering if anyone has used Decked version and any feedback you would be willing to share. Thanks, JS
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    JK / Power Wagon Love Child

    With the recent announcement of the AEV Double Cab JK, it appears Burnsville OffRoad built the HD version...since it's on a Power Wagon frame and drivetrain seems it belongs in the Domestic Fullsize forum...
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    Royal Purple?

    Are any of you running your rigs on Royal Purple? I am due for an oil change on my 2011 Ram (Hemi), mild towing, daily driver, occasional back country adventure, etc. and was going to do the old standby of Mobile 1 but I've heard good things on RP. Also if you do have experience with it which...
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    Gemtop Outfitter VS. Leer 100 Series Opinions?

    Anyone have experience with these toppers? Trying to make a comparison of this top vs. a Leer 100 XL with Thule rack setup. Will be on a daily driver with the purpose of being a weekend camping rig for my two boys (6 and 3 years old). The Outfiitter in question has the dual rear door, front...