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    How Much Flex is Too Much Flex?

    I've read quite a few threads about torsional flex in truck frames and various mounting systems to help isolate campers from this flex. So my question is how much torsional flex in the camper subframe is OK and how much is too much? The best way to answer this question in my opinion would be to...
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    Copper Canyon, Mexico Video

    This was filmed in October of 2018 as part of a much larger trip through Mexico and Central America and I finally got around to editing the footage. I've seen posts on here asking about this area, so I thought there might still be some folks interested in the experience. Hope it's helpful
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    Designing a Subframe for a pickup / Ute Camper Build

    Hi all. I am planning to build a camper that will be permanently mounted on my Toyota T100 with a pass through similar in theory to the Maltec land cruiser campers. The camper will be attached to the truck cab and move together as one. My general plan is to build a subframe out of steel square...
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    Central America Border Crossing Videos

    My wife and I spent nearly 1 year overloading through every country in Central America. We have been sharing our travels through videos on YouTube. Some of the episodes include border crossings. I try to present them in a helpful way for other travelers, so I thought I'd share what I have here...
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    Increasing Tacoma Payload Capacity?

    I am strongly considering a Gen2 Tacoma as my next build platform. I like the size, power, and possibility of finding one with a lot less miles on it than my current T100. The problem is that I anticipate 2000 lbs + of payload and the Tacoma is rated at 1400 lbs I know these trucks are very...
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    dodge 2500 as GLOBAL expedition rig?

    I've been researching stats and narrowing down my list of potential build platforms for a global expedition vehicle. I plan to do a major time/money consuming build and would really like to pick the right platform for my needs. A 1997/98 Dodge Ram 2500 with Cummins 12v and manual transmission...
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    Toilet Solution for LONG TERM Overlanding trips

    I have been trying to find a toilet solution for long term overlanding. My wife and I spent 17 months traveling through Mexico and Central America. During this trip we mostly dug holes or used provided toilets (despite whatever condition they were in) We also carried a Luggable Loo bucket/bag...
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    SnoMaster 12v fridge video review after 1 year of travel

    I decided to make a review video about my expedition series SnoMaster fridge freezer after one year of continues use on the road. Watch it on YouTube I normally make videos about my travels as my wife and I have been overlanding Mexico and Central America, but I decided to try my hand at a gear...
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    What is your 12v fridge freezer power consumption?

    I want to know how much power your fridge consumes per hour on average while camping. Either Amp/hours or watt/hours. Please share the cabinet size, average power consumption during use, temperatures you set the fridge at, ambient temperatures, any other info that you think would be useful...
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    Baja Expedition Videos: 4x4, Camping, Surfing, Adventure

    Hi All! My wife and I are traveling from California to Panama and producing a vlog. We just finished posting the last of our videos from Baja and I figured they may be helpful/entertaining to anyone considering a Baja trip of their own. Stay tuned for episodes from mainland Mexico and Central...
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    Best Cruiser for a global expo vehicle?

    I am currently traveling through Central America with my wife and dog in our T100 with a small, homemade camper. We have been on the road for nearly a year and planning to keep going for one more year before returning home to the USA. We have really enjoyed this kind of travel and would like to...
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    California to Panama in a T100

    Hi all. My name is Matt. I am traveling from California to Panama with my wife and our old Labrador. We are traveling in a 1995 Toyota T100 with a self-built camper. If you want to know more about the rig, check out my build thread...
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    Help, trouble shooting solar/battery system

    I just took my newly setup electrical system on a test run and failed. So I am looking for any suggestions of things to test/how to test them. I have a 155ah deep cycle agm battery as my house battery. It is charged through my truck's alternator while driving with a system like this...
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    Toyota T100 "The Blue Beauty" From bought to built in a month (hopefully)

    My wife, Amie and I are stoked to be the new owners of this 1995 Toyota T100. We have had the truck for about 10 days and plan to leave on an overlanding trip from California to Panama in about a month, so I have a lot of work to do to turn this truck into a rig. It's a stock 4x4 extended cab...