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    The Brute Rebuild / Refurb / Rehab Thread

    OK So I screwed up, did not follow my Dads advice and bought a car over the internet, sight unseen. I mean whats the worst that can happen? Turns out, a lot. It got here and was indeed an AEV Brute, that someone had tinkered with and besides the damage to the body that was "forgotten" in the...
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    Aftermarket Seats for Jeep, any good ones out there?

    Doods and Doodetts Looking for input on aftermarket seats for my Jeep, so far what I have sat in (Corbeau, Recaro and the like) have done nothing for me. Bolsters seem like they would be a pain getting in and out with, most "racing" seats have no padding for off road, most off road seats are...
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    35x12.50x17 Alternative Tire Choice?

    Guys Running Cepek 35x12.50x17 on the Brute right now. Noisy, rough riding and a bit too wide as i am having a bit of rub on the front sway bar at full over on the steering wheel. Can anyone offer some alternatives? I will be doing mostly desert and tarmac to get there, so a non mud tire...
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    Best Alarm for TJ?

    Well Owned it less than a month, and someone has tried to break into the Brute. I hate theives! Any suggestions for an alarm or other theft prevention suggestions that won't get me 5-10 in the local lockup for shooting the bastards? Yetters
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    Two Person RTT, whats the best?

    Guys Looking for a recommendation for a 2 person RTT. Its just me and the dog, so any personal feedback from users would be great. Yetters
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    Borealis Yampa - My back up off roader

    Guys Anyone here caught the fat bike bug yet? Just ordered a rack for the back of my rig so i can go explore other places, and would like to know any must see spots in AZ for biking. Yetters
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    Snorkel Questions regarding horsepower

    Help! Want to put a snorkel on my 2002 Brute, because it has a GM engine i have a few questions for the more learned members here, 1) Is there any loss of horsepower due to using a snorkel? 2) Because my Brute has a 5,3 liter Vortex V8, will i have a problem getting an adapter to fit and work...