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    Camp Chair Recommendations

    I was wondering what type of camp chairs you all use and recommend? I am rebuilding my expo/overland trailer and I'm planning the storage compartment sizes. One of those is ear-marked for camp chairs. I'd like to buy something new and make the compartment to fit them. I have 4 people in my...
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    1963 Unimog 404 fire truck for sale in Colorado

    not mine. I live in the same down as this guy. looks cool and thought someone here could build this into a sweet round-the world, offroad camper rig. wish I had money or something to trade for this, and time to build it and drive it around the world...
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    M416, Hard-Sided Roof Top Camper Top, 37" tires Air bag suspension - Conifer Colorado

    M416, Hard-Sided Roof Top Camper Top, 37" tires Air bag suspension - Conifer Colorado $3750 24 photos here M416 Offroad Expedition Trailer and Custom Built Hard-sided Camper Top - Camp ANYWHERE! This is a unique camping and...
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    Expo Trailer Build flatbed, rooftop tent, teardrop style kitchen box on back

    debated about posting a build thread. limited time these days. but, I like to pay it forward and put at least some info out there that someone else might find useful. This will be my second offroad trailer build. This is my first:
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    HF 4x4 Enclosed to 4x8 Utility Conversion Trailer Build - Adapt for Offroad

    I am posting this build in expedition trailers, because I believe this concept may be useful to some people looking to build a dual purpose offroad trailer. Basically, it will be a small enclosed box trailer, that I can tow behind my prius. Ultra light. But, it can unfold from a box, to an...
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    Denver CO Brand New BIG Waterproof Airtite Cases Military Pelican Hardigg 40% off new

    I have 3 of these cases. Well, actually I have 5, but they are so cool I am keeping two for myself unless you make a offer I can't refuse. These are brand new, still in the original cardboard boxes. This case is about 28L"x22Wx12+5h" internal dimensions. Same as this case, only the green...
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    Width of Rim for STA Superlugs?

    Does anybody have experience mounting these tires? I cannot find 16x6.5" wide rims with my bolt pattern (5x5) ANYWHERE, except a Canadian site. I am wondering if I can get away with using a 7" wide rim instead? The only vehicle that...
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    M416 Build - Phase II - Addition of Hardsided Folding Camper Top

    Phase I was the original build completed a few years ago and can be seen here: This is what I am starting with: Phase II will consist of the following: - Replace gas struts on lid - Extend lid platform - Extend tongue to allow jeep tailgate & Spare to open...
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    M416 Trailer Flat or Curved Leaf Springs?

    For all you M416 owners out there, how much curve in your leaf springs do you have (before and after adding lid)? I never really looked much at the springs before I did my lid a few years ago. I am now tearing down the trailer again to add a hardsided folding camper/tent to the top. but my...
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    37" tall skinny narrow military style tires for my trailer

    I want to eliminate the spare on my m416 trailer to make space for other equipment. I'd like to be able to use the same spare as my jeep. I have 37"x13.5R17 Toyo Open Country tires on my jeep. I found 37x14.5"R15 toyo's and steel rims on CL locally, but they are just so huge and SO heavy...
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    FLAT Poly Water Tank for Underside of Trailer

    I am revamping my M416 trailer. I want to put a belly skid plate on it and a water tank in the void between the bottom of my tub and the bottom of my frame (this is at most a 4" tall space). I have seen a few poly tanks on but they are really expensive for the size.... and...
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    Awning - Problems with pooling water?

    I'd like to hear from some awning owners.... especially the ARB and Campinglab awnings. Do you have problems with the thing just turning into a huge swimming pool on top when it pours? If not, why not, is there really enough tension on the tarp to keep the water moving?
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    RTT Ideas Wanted - Looking for Homemade RTT examples

    Hello! I'm new to this particular forum, but not to jeep forums or offroading. I built a custom M416 trailer a few years ago, which I pull behind my modified Jeep JK Unlimited. This is my buildup blog for my trailer: Its a great combination that has...