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    Inka outdoors? Anyone have info?

    Just ran into their website. They looks really nice. Anyone heard of them?
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    Lets talk welders and tools

    Ok so these awesome threads gave me the bug to build a trailer. I have no welding experience so I know i will need to practice some. I would like to know what you guys use for welders so I know what I will need to buy. I cant spend a boat load into the welder because the wife would flip out...
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    WTB: M416 or M101 in or around CT

    Looking for a M416 or M101 in or around CT. Not looking to break the bank. Will be a slow project under the disguise of a "trailer needed for mulch and dump runs" so it needs to be "approved" Let me know what you have or you know it's out there. I can travel a reasonable distance. The better the...
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    Newb What military platform is the best starting point

    I am new here but read many threads. I have no welding or fab experience but I am pretty good fixing and figuring out things. I want a camping offroad trailer but I dont see how I could build from scratch so what is the best platform to start with. It will be pulled with a 07 FJ Cruiser or a...