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    Sold: 2009 FWC Fleet Camper

    For Sale: 2009 Four Wheel Camper Fleet camper with most available accessories (Manufactured October ’09) Sold.
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    EBay Find: FWC Hawk 2003 - Starting bid $8000

    EBay find: FWC Hawk 2003 - Starting bid $8000 !!Caution. Proceed with caution!! From his description and the video link, the owner does not seem to know the...
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    2001-2004 Taco + Camper: 4cyl or 6cyl ?

    The experience of true world adventurers along with forums such as this one have sold me on the advantages and benefits of FWCs and ATCs. In May I returned from a motorcycle adventure ride that took us from eastern Canada, through the US, Central and South America. After 3 months, “S” had to...