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    Xterra and ARB Fridge Install

    wow, looking back on this old thread made me realize how long I have had the ARB Fridge. I am still running the exact same setup though with some service along the way. Fridge is still running like a champ. One of the hinges broke, ARB sent me two at no cost, no questions asked. Had to...
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    portable ARB Twin Compressor - Help

    FIXED Replacing the clogged lines fixed the compressor. working like a champ again. So, tip for compressor with tank....let out all the air or it turns into moisture and rust out the lines. don’t know if this was in the manual or not, since I tend to glance over those most of the time.....
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    portable ARB Twin Compressor - Help

    from ARB When air is left in the system it will eventually turn into water. When the water is sitting next to metal components it will begin to cause corrosion and rust.
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    portable ARB Twin Compressor - Help

    new braided lines on the way along with a prevention tip from ARB. In order to prevent this, make sure all of the air is released from the system when you're done using it. Keep in mind I have the portable version so I have the little alum tank with braided lines. it is the braided lines that...
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    portable ARB Twin Compressor - Help

    Update: finally got around to checking hoses. Hose from compressor to tank - completely clogged Hose from tank to quick connect - 75% clogged I don’t know what the clog material is, but ARB knew to have me look for it. Requested new hoses from ARB, will update again once put back together.
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    portable ARB Twin Compressor - Help

    Keep in mind I have been running this setup for years now with single battery, stock cables. I did get some additional feedback from ARB “the hose from the tank to the compressor is likely clogged” so I am going to check this next. This may be the culprit as the pressure switch had some...
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    portable ARB Twin Compressor - Help

    no leaks, all connections have been tested.
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    portable ARB Twin Compressor - Help

    looking for forum experience/input since ARB has not been very helpful. they sent me a pressure switch, but there has been no further support or technical assistance. “edit”, ARB has continued to assist just took some time. I have had this unit in my vehicle for a few years now using to air...
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    SOLD--2018 Turtleback Adventure Trail, loaded with all options. $11,000. Located in NH

    Good morning, Anybody know what folding table is shown in pics? Looking for a solid metal top folding table.
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    SOLD Oztent RV4 with floor saver and new rain fly. SOLD and on the way to Louisiana! Thanks!

    a great tent and an excellent price. I miss mine. Running a turtle back now, but I really had my oztent set up dialed in. It had many years of hard use and had been in all kinds of weather. I never had to worry about it. I passed it on to a firefighter and his son for more years of use and...
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    Arb fridge... what am I doing wrong?

    I’ve never noticed any problems. I usually keep it between 30-34. I use the arb plug and connector directly to a solar powered battery. Has worked very well for about three years now. Just turn it on when I need it. However, I have never tried using it during our hot summer months in Phoenix...
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    Rotopax - Is there something better I should be using?

    I tried them on my roof rack a few years back. It was a warm day, around 80 degrees and they swelled up horribly. So much so that I had a heck of a time even getting them off to vent them. Never carried them again. I do however use the water version all the time. for fuel I just use...
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    Post favorite pics of your rig and trailer

    Hello fellow prospector! Viewed your trailer build, wow, what an accomplishment. We had some rare weather at our claim this past weekend near Stanton, Az.
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    What do you use for a truck gun?

    I am diggin the new Ruger PC Carbine. Looking forward to all the after market stuff that will come out for this one....
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    22 BS thread

    Picked up a cheap Cricket 22 Rifle to convert it to a packing rifle with the Ruta Locura PRK kit. I have had this for a few years now and serves its role well. Skeletonized Stock PRK Specifications: -19oz total weight for converted rifle with kit -32 Inch over all length when assembled -20...
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    For sale Arkpak 730

    This is sold, closing post.
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    For sale Arkpak 730

    Dropped to 300.00 local only, within 25 miles of Phoenix
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    New 2018 Colorado ZR2 - Icedragonmx's Trip Reports

    Also came from an Xterra pro 4x. Been watching the ZR2 for a couple of years now and picked the diesel up in May. Also adding a Turtleback trailer this year so most of my gear is moving to the trailer for use between vehicles. Other than the dealer REV cover and tool box, I am keeping the...