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    Newer FUSO FG's - driven at altitude

    Are you or do you know someone who is driving a newer Mitsubishi FUSO in South America? We have build our own expedition truck onto a 2015 FG & would like to drive through Central & South America. How are you getting on with DEF regen at higher altitudes? Have you been able to delete the DEF...
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    Eliminating DEF from a FUSO

    Has anyone modified their FUSO to run without DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid)? Alternatively, have you been able to buy DEF in any of the Central & South American countries? Thank you very much for your suggestions!
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    FUSO FG Seats?

    I am starting to create a vehicle for our journey from Portland, OR down to Patagonia. I'm wondering what seats you have installed into your FUSO FG? I found a great thread here: I am...