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    Gaia vs Onx

    That is what I had in the H3
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    Exploring California's Redwood Coast

    Years ago took the kids up there to jedidiah smith gold bluffs. And into fern canyon. They were of the age where everything is fantasy and to them fern canyon was something out of a Star Wars movies they expected Ewoks any second. Great time
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    Is it a sign that I'm just growing up or getting boring?? Soon to be Wrangler-less...

    Well I am 67 and I have been driving a jkur 2008 then a jlur 2018. Now a gladiator on 37s. My wife had a grand Cherokee limited? With a hemi! She got a ticket in the first month 😂. It was a very nice ride. But when I drove it I lost all thoughts of I wonder where that trail goes I think...
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    Gaia vs Onx

    Years ago you could a lowrance Preloaded with topo. I had the entire Western us at my fingertips. They were very tough some were used in Baja race cars I had the Baja version in my old. H-3. 5 inch screen And a10” screen hard mounted in the dash of a 2007 Chevy pickup. That truck had the...
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    Understanding Wrangler/Gladiator drivetrains.

    Don’t know about the transmissions I thought there was only 2 for gas powered. I think the diesel has a different transmission. I have owned many Jeeps but the recent ones include. A 2008 jkur a 2018 jlur and a 2020 gladiator rubicon Now the thing is yes the max tow on the sport has the...
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    4" or 6" round lights on the windshield pillar?

    Me too.on my old h3 it was like that and on my jlur also but on The cowl had lots of reflection
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    Gaia vs Onx

    I use Gaia also really like it. But I am a map freak by nature also a geologist so I love working with maps. On my Gaia base map I used way points to mark the San Andreas. Fault trace can you. Say geology nerd. But I ramble. I thought that the big advantage to Onx was the identification of...
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    4" or 6" round lights on the windshield pillar?

    Going with round on the winch bar for my jtr
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    4" or 6" round lights on the windshield pillar?

    Yep smaller on the windshield I personally didn’t really like it there was always. Some reflections from the hood and mine were a tight beam spot as opposed to a driving pattern
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    Gentle tent

    A while back I had this great idea or getting an air beam tent mounting it to a rack. And having a no pole light weight rtt it must have been a good idea because gentle tents are just that. I stumbled across one on the jeep gladiator forum. Has anyone seen one? Or better yet used One? What...
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    Kofa Wilderness - Southern Arizona

    Nice write up very sad about the quail where we live there are dozens it is quite a site to see 3 sets of parents out with 40 or so babies. To me that kind of action is no different than those who would do donuts in Death Valley
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    Gladiator (JT) with Maximus-3 Overland Bed Rack + Roofnest Falcon 50"

    Nice. Very similar to my setup. Eventually. Have a Jeep gladiator rubicon running. 37 BFG ko2 no lift stock wheels with a rebel off road bed rack. Have on order a gfc super light rtt
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    Re-gear time need advice

    You will also need to know what axels you have. I know rubis have Dana 44 but not sure what the other models have but you should know that before you add a supercharger or v8
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    Re-gear time need advice

    What is your rear end now? I put 175000 on my 08 3.8 jlur with 410 rear end and 315 70 17 . I towed a trailer all the way up the coast highway. It did pretty good. In my 2018 jlur it has 410 3.6 and I run 315 70 17. No Problem at all anywhere the 8sp makes a huge difference. If you have a...
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    Recommendations on heaters and how to install.

    NEed a recommendation for a small very safe heater for my sons econoline van. HE built it out with cedar and it is well insulated. With 2 inches of wool batting He is a snowboard instructor at mammoth and sometimes lives out of his van.
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    RRT and sup board rack

    What kind of electric sup are you talking about
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    RRT and sup board rack

    I’m 67 I been surfing since 1964 I also used to race dirt bike. Snow ski and board and mtn bike. So I have a few old wounds. Can just pop up to my feet. So I figured if I could take off standing up I could still surf. Yup it works pretty good. And still a whole hell of a lot of fun.
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    3rd Gen Ford E-series Van Toppers - Are they being made anymore/Any DIY solutions?

    Syes they do in many configurations and heights. They are in Long Beach I think my son and I were researching them earlier for his van life build
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    New 270 Awning available.

    That is my point how do you mount a 96 inch awning to a 60 inch bedrack ? Some must have done it? No?