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    Kodiak Truck Tent Burbank CA $175

    Short Bed... Used 3 Times but going in a different direction
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    New Dometic Stove/Decked install

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    New Dometic Stove/Decked install

    Haven’t tested the setup yet but happy with the turn out. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Flippac - For full size short bed Truck bed

    Is this still available?
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    Elevate Portable Grill

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    Rooftop Tent

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    Rooftop Tent

    additional pic
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    Rooftop Tent

    $200,,,Bought this a few years ago but never used it. It is in good condition. . I am in Los Angeles Area
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    Amazing Product converts tailgate into kitchen
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    Sleep System
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    Spotted in Burbank

    Yes it is off of magnolia
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    Spotted in Burbank

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    Need a cover for RTT and mounting questions.

    Picked up this unique RTT on craigslist. Any ideas on fabricating a cover and mounting options on a trailblazer? Thanks
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    Vintage Camping Kitchen on SoCal craigslist
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    Ever seen one of these?
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    Nissan NV1500
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    Interesting Rig