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    Three 4WD ambulances for sale at next Ritchie Bros. online Auction in Edmonton Alberta Canada.

    Just thought I'd post this for anyone in Canada that is looking for a 4WD ambulance to start a build. With the oilfield tanking here a lot of the onsite medical/safety companies have folded. There are three Ford F350 Ambulances for sale at the next online auction which is next week, Oct. 28. For...
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    Runva Winches, Any good?

    Anybody have experience with them? 11000 from Costco is reasonably priced. Read a few reviews and seem good. Supposed to be built in Australia?
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    Runva 11000 winch from Costco, any good?

    Anybody have any experience with these? How do they stack up against a Warn VR Evo 12000? Now that Warn is made in china are the two comparable? Runva is considerably cheaper and comes with a wireless remote and a snatch block. Synthetic cable too.
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    ASME fixed propane tank orientation question

    I bought a used tank for my build. The placement of the valves and vent in relation to the "down" arrow seems opposite to me. If I turned it over all the writing and the gauge would be upside down. I went to have it filled last night and at 25 liters it appeared to be full. Some white spray...
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    Charging AGM house and flooded lead road batteries through one solar system?

    I'm just completing my set up. I have 3- 100 watt panels going through a Victron bluesolar MPPT controller. My initial plan was to use 2 GC2 golf cart batteries for the house batteries. I was going to also charge my road batteries through a Blue Sea ACR. Well I got a great deal on 2 Rolls...
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    Finally finishing the solar and wiring on my 550

    I'm at the point where I'm doing the final wiring. I was planning to use two golf cart batteries but got a great deal on Rolls 415 AH AGM. A local company that does oilfield solar projects had a bunch that were lightly used from a big job. Luckily they fit where I planned to put the GC2's! The...
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    Any experience with "MOVE" DIY bumper kits

    Anybody have one? Price wise they're a third of an iron cross, Bullet proof etc, even after factoring in US to CDN exchange, and driving to a border mail outlet in Montana to get it. Looking at the kit I should be able to modify it slightly so that it will match my fender flares for the super...
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    Cutoff switch in solar, where to put it?

    I have a thread already on my proposed system on my 550. After some suggestions here I am going to include a cutoff between the batteries and my 12 volt fuse box. I also want to isolate my solar side with a cutoff. If I put it after my smartsolar controller between the controller and the...
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    My proposed electrical plan for my expedition camper. Comments would be appreciated

    Here is my planned set up. I tried smartdraw but I'm not super tech savy when it comes to this stuff. In general my plan is to have 2 6 volt GC-2 in series for my battery bank. These will power my camper 12 volt system through a Blue Sea MRBF terminal mount fuse block to a 12 fuse buss block. I...
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    Natures head toilet venting question

    I just received my natures head toilet for my truck build. I ordered the PVC wall vent with it. Has anyone here used one on a vehicle? I'm wondering if it will hold up sticking out the side?
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    Victron Blue solar 100/30 VS Smartsolar 100/30?

    Just putting together my system. I will be running 3-100Watt panels into an MPPT controller. What is the difference between the blue solar and the Smartsolar? What are the pros and cons? Both are about the same price from what I can see.
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    Another super single wheel thread. Anyone know about these 20" military wheels.

    Just spent three weeks on vacation in Mexico and with no TV and the spring weather at home got me planning on my truck. It's at the upfitter getting the roof rack and solar panel rack installed. I'm basically at the point that with my 550 build I stay with stock 19.5's in a 245 70 19.5 or go to...
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    Natures head composting toilet in colder climates

    Anybody have real world comments on using the natures head in colder climates. We will be spending the lions share of our time in Canada and Northern US. any comments on performance? Looking to go this route, Thetford cassette or just the regular rv with a black water tank.
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    Interior height for over-cab bed

    I'm working on my U-haul box 550. I have been fretting whether the over cab is tall enough for a reasonable bed. I currently have 32" on the over cab. This is before I add the mattress. Is this enough. I have talked to my aluminum guy about extending the roof on the over-cab up another 12", then...
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    Where to find springs for spring mounting my box.

    I'm looking for springs to spring mount the front mounts on my 550 build. Is there something commercially available or some that are meant for other applications that will work?
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    Golf cart or Cat/Tractor battery for house battery.

    Working on my 550 build, I have 300 watts of solar on the roof. My plan was to use 2 GC2 6 volt golf cart batteries. This would give 230 AH of storage. The cost here in Alberta is $185.00 each. I was just at the local farm supply called Peavy Mart and they have a 12 volt Tractor battery that is...
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    Inexpensive Plasma cutters? Any good?

    I'm looking to replace my torch as the bottle rental is really expensive. I saw a few posts on youtube of guys using inexpensive 220 volt plasma cutters. I would mostly want to cut up to 1/4" or 5/16' steel and 1/4' aluminum. THis is an example from Amazon, thoughts...
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    Another, another which wheel. MRAP on a 550?

    Reading Beef Cakes build thread. And again like Java I'm still looking. At my local tire shop I saw a new 19.5" tire from Toyo that isn't even listed on their website. Its a nice aggressive 245 70 19.5 but over $650.00/tire. I found MRAP wheels and adapters right next door here at Western Canada...
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    Another which tires and wheels. Anyone switch to 22.5 semi tires?

    The truck deck builder I'm using to do some work on my 550 U haul build suggested going to aluminum 22.5 wheels and a low profile tire. This would be using an adapter bought online. I did some googling and there are several tires in the 255 70 22.5 with a total height of 35.5 ish inches My stock...
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    Pros and cons of Charger inverter/Automatic transfer switch/Inverter to all in one charger Inverter?

    I have my solar system figured out but am still deciding on the rest of the charging system. I want the ability to run shore power, charge the batteries and also have 1000 watts of 110V AC from an inverter. I see there are two ways to go. One way is to have a separate charger Inverter, then an...