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  1. J

    1999 M1088 MTV! DROPPED PRICE 10 grand - $28000 (McPherson kansas)

    Not mine but thought it was pretty cool.
  2. J

    1960's Alaskan

    Just saw this on CL. Thought I would pass it along Alaskan
  3. J

    1973 Datsun Camper

    Saw this. Thought it was cool. Not 4x4 but could be a cool project for someone. Wonder if I could swap the camper for the bed on my 03 frontier longbed crew cab. :Wow1:
  4. J

    crumbling catalytic converter

    I have a 2003 frontier with the vg33e. I'm putting in some new exhaust manifold gaskets and I was looking at my pre cats and they looked good at first glance but then I started to look at the edges and you can see where some has broken off. should I be worried about this and replace them or...
  5. J

    1964 Chevrolet Camper

    Saw this on CL. Not really an Overland truck but man it would be cool if you redid the inside completely and put modern running gear under it.