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    How much extra fuel do you take?

    I carry a 5g can that gets me about 80 miles. I used to not carry any extra fuel until I spent some time in Utah and almost ran out of diesel thinking 1/2 a tank was plenty. It almost wasn’t. I’ve never been to north Dakato but I heard it’s worse
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    Removing One Roof Rib? (Sprinter Van)

    I want to install either a 27” or 24” marine deck hatch on the roof of my 2013 Sprinter Van. To do this I would need to remove one roof rib, either 3rd or 4th from the back. I’ve read through a few threads posted here about removing roof ribs and the potential issues. From what I understand the...
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    Decent Winch For 8,000lb Van.

    I don’t have any shackles on the rear receiver hitch or front recover hitch. The front reviewer hitch is from aluminess and the rear is factory installed class 3. The front hitch is bolted to the frame but only really good for a straight pull, no lateral pulls I would think. I do have a tow...
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    Decent Winch For 8,000lb Van.

    I’m looking for a winch that I could use on my 8,000lb Sprinter Van. My van is 2wd and the winch would be mounted on the rear factory 2” receiver hitch. The winch would be used on forests roads mainly, in the event I get stuck in a rut or slip off onto the shoulder etc etc. I carry chains...
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    Diesel Heater Silencers?

    I have that silencer already. It definitely helps, just not enough.
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    Flat Bed with Storage vs OEM Longbed for Slide-In Truck Camper

    If I ever did a camper I would use a utility body with a lift.
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    Diesel Heater Silencers?

    For the record, I don’t mind the noise coming from the exhaust but it’s only a matter of time before some clown calls the cops on me and reports “suspicious black van with strange noise” What are some decent options for a 1” exhaust line? I’m already getting an exhaust line extension to get...
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    What do you use for a truck gun?

    Pretty sure 16.5” is the shortest after that you need paperwork. The rifle above is a 20rd box feed semi auto .308 FN-FAL stg-58 “the right arm of the free world” or “the Belgium sledgehammer”
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    STEDI Off-road Led Lights?

    Anybody have any experience with this Australian company? They have great reviews and seem to offer a solid product at a decent price. I’m looking to put together an area light package for my Sprinter van with close to 8-10 lights so a few dollars per light really adds up...
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    Red Interior Lights

    these look nicer installed in the ceiling.
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    Red Interior Lights

    Finding reasonable red lights isn’t easy so I decided to make my own with a few left over lights I had laying around. I used red transparent vinyl wrap cut out to fit over the lens. I had to double up the film to get the right depth to the red so that it wouldn’t look pinkish. I also ordered...
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    Water Heater Repair?

    I cleaned it up a bit more and did the best I could. Not bad.
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    Water Heater Repair?

    The unit has been great for the 3 years I’ve had it. I really push it well past it’s design so this failure here lies squarely on my shoulders. From now on I’m going to run cool water through it first before ignition. This will get the air out and also bring the piping and water up to an...
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    Water Heater Repair?

    My van is only setup for showers. no sink with tap water or anything like that.
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    Water Heater Repair?

    I found the leak. I was able to tap it down and get it sanded. What’s the best way to go about repairing this? JB WELD or their water version JB Water Weld? Other suggestions?
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    Water Heater Repair?

    I went to use my water heater last night for a shower. We have an Ecotemp L5 mounted on the back door of our van set up for outside showers. It was pretty cold, 22 degrees Fahrenheit. I turned the water pump on and in a few seconds there was steam and water pouring out from everywhere. I...
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    Elide 🔥 Suppression System ?

    I’m thinking about mounting a few of these in the van for just in case. Seems like cheap insurance for when we’re not in the van or worse, asleep. Maybe one up front in the living area, one under the sleeping platform and one in the engine compartment?
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    Types of tire chains?

    I bought a set of Konig XG-12 Pro’s for my Sprinter van. I bought them specifically because they can be attached quickly without having to move the van. This past week it snowed pretty good here and turned to ice while I was leaving work amd things got really bad coming down a hill...
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    Budget 2000w Generators?

    I need a 2000w Generator but I don’t need one bad enough to spend $1,000 for the Honda. I see there’s a decent selection of $500 sets from harbor freight and generac to name a few. Any recommendations for any of these $500 units? I’ll be using it to run a van heater in the winter until I get a...
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    Colorado Non Profit Offers Free 4x4 Recovery Service

    I just came across this group while searching for satellite based road side assistance options. Seems like a great program they have going. They’re helping out, teaching and at the same getting out on the trail themselves. WHAT WE DO Colorado 4x4 Rescue and...