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    JLR Restructuring / Reorg

    Since we are now just a few weeks away from the new CEO and the announcement of significant changes to address the decline of JLR I thought it good to have a thread to discuss the new direction. Near and dear to all of us is powertrain so let's review previous statements and today's new...
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    Deep pockets? Need to upgrade that RRC? Remembering the Jensen Interceptor? JIA Chieftain Range Rover 2017 review Autocar by Richard Webber 25 August 2017 "......Meet the Chieftain, from Banbury-based JIA: a 1993 Range Rover transposed onto a Discovery 3 chassis, restyled inside and out, and...
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    Land Rover Smartphone & Acc

    Not sure about this ....... (Reading, UK), 5th May 2016: Land Rover today announces a partnership with British consumer electronics company Bullitt Group to develop a bespoke smartphone and range of accessories A new partnership between Land Rover and consumer electronics company Bullitt...
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    Chinese Knock-offs, at 1/4th the price

    Landwind X7 "......Land Rover just launched their Chinese-built Evoque at the Guangzhou Auto Show, while a few feet away, copycat LandWind X7 offered the same design at quarter of the price......" What did Land Rover expect?