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    2020 Frontier - Same body, new guts All new (well 93% new) 3.8l V6 with a 9 speed auto. 310hp (class leading) and 281 ft-lbs. I couldn't find any MPG estimates. I am interested to read some reviews on...
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    XTerra successor probably won't come to the US

    Nissan has some great models around the world that seem to keep missing the US market. NP300 and now a 4 door SUV based on the same platform are the two that come to mind.
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    Colorado ZR2 Airbags Anyone of this forum have this issue? Like the article says, its surprising that an offroad oriented truck would have this issue. Granted its only a few examples but enough to arise suspicions.
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    C200 vs R200

    So I am on the fence about a R51 Pathfinder. Personally I want a Frontier, but the wife is really pushing for the R51. What I would like to know is if anyone has any experience fitting the ARB air locker for the C200 (RD106/RD201) in the R200 rear diff of the R51. I have emailed ARB and they...