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    The Triple Threat Grand Cherokee (2003 WJ)

    You wouldn't be interested in some Overland rails would you cowboy?
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    Gullwing on ZJ...YEP, Haters gonna Hate

    Looks good, nice roof rack too.
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    My first attempt at platform/storage solution *Jeep WJ*

    The wings are a nice touch.
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    Our Jeep WJ build MI

    I've been wanting to build a set of modified Flat land bumpers out of aluminum for a bit now. I want to make them flush with the BW flares since I can't stand the way most bumpers look with these flares. I emailed Flatland and they said they would modify the plans to whatever width I gave them...
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    Our Jeep WJ build MI

    Welcome to the Portal, nice looking jeep. Is that a Flatland 4X4 bumper?
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    The ultimate cargo slide/tray?

    Don't forget about us WJ owners. There is very little in the aftermarket compared to the other Jeep models and I am seeing more and more of these modified lately. Been following your work for years, top shelf designs and products for sure.
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    Overland The Third. ARB WJ inside!

    They haven't announced it, but I have spoken with a rep that said they were developing them.
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    Overland The Third. ARB WJ inside!

    Nice, I plan on running a similar set up one day with Clayton's long arms in the front and an Endless Mountian Fab A-arm in the rear with adjustable lowers. Just waiting on JKS to release there ACOS kit for the WJ.
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    ZJ or XJ jeep for expedition ?

    The ZJ will have more room, and the 5.2L motor is solid with plenty of support still available factory or aftermarket. I had a '98 5.9L on OME HD springs and an ARB front bumper running roughly 31" tires. I was very pleased with it, till some one made a uturn right in front of me and totaled...
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    Jeep Livin Lite Extreme Trailer EXPO upgrades

    Nice, I've really been looking hard at these little trailers. The new price is a bit steep, but I think it would be perfect for me and my dog. Sadly the odds of finding one up here used is slim to none. Keep us posted on how she works out for you.
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    Overland The Third. ARB WJ inside!

    Are you still running OME HD springs or am I not remembering something correctly?
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    Overland The Third. ARB WJ inside!

    Highway cruising is good, even picked up a few MPG.
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    Overland The Third. ARB WJ inside!

    I'm running the same size tires and just recently changed the gears to 4.10s really happy with them so far. If I upgrade to 33s I'm going to also upgrade to JK width Dana 44s and put 4.56s in those.
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    2004 Jeep Grand WJ build thread

    I put a Rola rack on mine and have had good results. I must have gotten an early unit as it is a one piece design.
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    MOPWR Build

    Now I really miss my niner. Looks good, bumper came out great. If you color match the rims it would tie everything together. When shopping for wheel spacers go as short as possible and make sure they are hub-centric. Keep up the good work and post lots of pics.
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    2004 Jeep Grand WJ build thread

    Use a hub to fender measurement for actual lift height. Sounds like your off to a good start. If you were lucky enough to get one with Quadradrive you'ld be a step ahead in the game.
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    99GrandLTD's 2001 WJ Build Thread

    Looks good, keep the pics coming. I think I'm going to paint my hood this summer, it looks good and should reduce glare.
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    Oscars WJ overland build

    As far as I know you'll have to get an overhead console that didn't come with TPMS. Not to hard to come by and you should be able to sell the one you got to cover the cost.
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    Project: Family Overlander

    You might have some rubbing issues with those JK takeoffs. Nothing a little trimming and maybe a 3/4" spacer lift can't fix. Not a bad looking dub to start with.
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    Cherokee 3.0 crd / Wrangler swap can it be done yes

    Banks has a 3.0L diesel backed by a six speed auto they are bringing to market. Might be an option if its cheap enough.