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    Dead in the water.....need advice on what to do with my bum motor. 2006 Montero

    There was a 2004 Gen 3 Montero at U-Wrench-It in Norcross. It arrived on Dec 30.
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    Removing Gen 3 Montero / Pajero spare tyre cover

    Is this a standard nut or the security nut? For a security nut, folks have used a sacrificial socket. Hammer it on. Then spin it off with a wrench.
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    AN banjo fitting for oil cooler?

    All the Gen 1 LWB trucks I've had, always had an aux oil cooler. The Gen 1 SWB I had, did not have an aux oil cooler.
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    Tachometer Failing, 98 Gen 2.5

    Damaged solder joints may not be obvious. I've seen some computer boards that have been fixed by ..... - Removing the board from the device. - Removing all the plastic parts from the board. - Preheating an oven to between 350 and 450 degrees. This depends on the board. - Place the board on metal...
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    AN banjo fitting for oil cooler?

    Are the fittings the same from Gen 1 to Gen 2?
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    Montero gen 3 coolant leak

    Check if your particular VIN had an advisory on the crank bolt.
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    Montero gen 3 coolant leak

    Cam seals. Check the crank bolt.
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    1990 LWB "Rescue"

    Gen 1 - - Replace the crank bolt if it isn't the third version. - Any sign of leaks around the valve covers? If so, replace the valve cover gaskets. - The typical tune-up items like spark plugs, filters, etc
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    Gen. III brake pads

    When I had the rotors in my Gen 1 cryo treated at 300 Below ( ), they recommended Wager ThermoQuiet pads. I've used ThermoQuiet pads on my Gen 2 and Gen 1 Sport.
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    I've seen some Gen 1 grills that have locations for fog lights. How about a Gen 3 jerry can holder?
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    Valve seal replacement, on-engine, 6G74

    The right tool for the job. It makes all the difference.
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    Cooling Conundrum 🤷‍♂️

    Refresh my memory... What is the model and year?
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    Monteros on craigslist

    Here's a Montero Sport (not mine) with the factory rear locker. See the sticker and the "R D LOCK" switch in picture #5.
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    Pitchblack Rally Recce Raider Build

    I've heard of similar no-start conditions with the Gen 1's. Mitsubishi has a number of connections between the ignition and the starter. Some no-start conditions have been fixed by taking apart each connection between the ignition and starter. Check each connection for any corrosion. Apply some...
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    Pitchblack Rally Recce Raider Build

    If you are familiar with "Body by Fisher" on GM vehicles, the Gen 1 Montero should have "Body by Frigidaire". lol.
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    Exhaust Manifold compatibility

    You might be able to use Rock Auto to check part numbers. Others may have actual experience with these.
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    Hello, I have some pictures of the Gen 1 jump seat. The seat mounts on the right side, on the...

    Hello, I have some pictures of the Gen 1 jump seat. The seat mounts on the right side, on the wheel hump behind the passenger seat. I'll attach them from my phone in a bit. Be Safe, Mark
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    Pitchblack Rally Recce Raider Build

    North American 4dr models only got the 2nd row bench seat. Some overseas 4dr models got a 3rd row jump seat. Similar to the Gen 2, 4dr, 3rd row jump seats. These 4dr models also got sliding rear windows. I sold the windows years ago. I still have the jump seats.
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    Pitchblack Rally Recce Raider Build

    I have a small pickup jump seat in the basement. It's been so long ago that I don't remember the truck it came from. I'd be happy to find it a new home. I also have a pair Gen 1 4dr jump seats. I had these shipped from England. It's possible that they would fit on the wheel well of a 2dr. At...
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    98 Montero 2.5 Harmonic Balancer broke

    Go to You will find the 98 Factory Service Manual (FSM). The Haynes manual isn't very helpful as it covers too many years.