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    Anyone familiar with overland vehicle systems roof top tents?

    Thanks for the review. I just sold my Tepui 3 person tent and need a 4 person. Not many options for a 4 person......and I don’t know how much added value there is from and OVS w a 4 year warranty over a cvt or 23zero.
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    Tepui Kukenam 3 Explorer Series for sale

    I am selling a like new Tepui Kukenam 3 Explorer. I am willing to trade for a 4 person RTT, as I need one to fit my family of 4. It is currently in South Florida, however I will be travelling to Beech Mountain North Carolina in early September and could meet there or near there. RTT's are all...
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    DIY RTT mattress topper

    I have a Tepui 3 person and was wondering what others use to make the mattress more comfortable. I was thinking of getting two twin toppers and cutting them to size, but I worry about condensation. The upgraded mattress is too expensive.
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    Overland solar bugout to zamp controller help

    I think what you mean is chop off the red connector, replace with Anderson power pole and then I can use this to connector the power pole to the portable solar panel?
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    Overland solar bugout to zamp controller help

    I am rather tone deaf! I do want to make it as safe as possible and it seems that you suggest removing the existing red connector that he has connected to the controller. I hate to be an ass, but could you send me a link to what connector I should replace the red one with so I can connect the...
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    Overland solar bugout to zamp controller help

    no, that is how the former owner had it setup. He had portable renology panels that he was using apparently.
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    Overland solar bugout to zamp controller help

    how do I connect my overland solar 120 portable bugout to the zamp controller for my new to me off road trailer? The red Anderson is connected to the zamp controller. Thx
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    Tepui kukenam 3 mattress mod

    What is the best mod to make a more Comfortable mattress?
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    VMI XTENDER Trailer For Sale

    negative, I purchased it a couple weeks ago.
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    Propane hot water heater install question

    agreed. I saw another one that said 3300 - but still low.
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    Propane hot water heater install question

    How does the Eccotemp work in high elevation?
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    Propane hot water heater install question

    I just bought a new me to vmi off-road expedition trailer. It has a 20gallon on board water tank with electric pump. I want to install a propane hot water heater. I was hoping to mount it inside a pelican style box. I have seen folks do it, so it doesn’t seem to be a fire hazard. What is the...
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    VMI Offroad Trailer Registry... and support group.

    I just picked up a new to me vmi explorer. For being built in 2013, this thing looks brand new.
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    WTB Or trade for adventure trailer

    I would be interested in a trade, but seems you have plenty of trucks!
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    SOLD - FS - Adventure Trailer Chaser - SOLD

    Any trips to Florida? If so, I would be interested
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    hitch mounted cargo storage idea - thoughts

    I am always looking for additional storage as have two kids and space is a premium. I have a 3 week 3k mile trip planned for this summer in either our 100 or 200 series and I am starting to plan. I was thinking about buying this welded aluminum hitch cargo carrier Northbound Aluminum Cargo...
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    Chasing Natives - Short Film

    I am looking forward to the trip this summer @Cameroncush