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    Charging battery while running fridge

    I have a Jeep JK with an Optima AGM H6 Yellowtop that I use with a fridge. I would like to be able to plug the battery into shore power when available to keep it topped off. I have read that I can do it with a non-smart charger. I have an Optima 400 charger. Is it safe to use that one? If not...
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    Camp Cover Ammo Boxes

    Anyone have any experience with Camp Cover Ammo Boxes? They look very similar to Frontrunner Wolf Packs. OK 4WD in NJ just started carrying them. Looks like they have been sold outside the US for a while. Sent from my iPhone...
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    Universal Fridge Monitor

    I know there is a remote monitor for ARB Fridge’s, but I’m wondering if anyone uses anything their phone and Bluetooth? I’ve looked at a few on Amazon. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Arb 37 quart wiring suggestions

    I just bought an Arb Fridge Freezer that I will run inside my Livin Lite Quicksilver 10.0 pup during road trips of up to 12 hours at a time. I am concerned that I will not have the necessary amperage coming directly off my tow vehicle’s (Jeep JKU) battery because of the length of the run. Arb...
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    Short Refrigerator

    I have a Jeep JKU with a Jeep Backbone (think metal tonneau). I would love a 12 volt fridge but only have about 15.5” to spare. Any suggestions for a short fridge? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk